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    Playing the Noble's Game ~ A Pirate Story


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    Playing the Noble's Game ~ A Pirate Story Empty Playing the Noble's Game ~ A Pirate Story

    Post by Cat on Thu Oct 05, 2017 9:35 pm

    ~ Playing the Noble's Game ~Playing the Noble's Game ~ A Pirate Story 3bf684af931cf848a892bd71d993506d

    The Don of the Triad creaked and groaned as they sailed toward New Adriell, where her employer resided. Quincy had spent the last few weeks watching the notorious Captain Bryce. The second in command signed her on as crew, and no one was the wiser. If there was one thing that this ‘Katrina’ had, was a well oiled machine for a crew. They spoke of her like she was an honored saint, and worked tirelessly for her.

    All save for one: the medic. She would catch him staring at her as if she were a viper, coiled and ready to strike. He was cross constantly, but the look he gave her always had much more fervor. However, the second in command was quite jolly. He talked to the crew every day, and while he had his mean streak, most of the time, he was an amicable fellow.

    Katrina Bryce… despite being Captain, she rarely talked to anyone. Shouted orders, for sure, but Quincy had never seen her have a conversation with someone. In the mess, she sat in silence at the end of the table, watching everyone else have a good time. Even now, with New Adriell in clear view, Katrina huddled in her cabin, alone. Perhaps that made her more ominous.

    Thus far, Quincy had only cleaned things. It was a miserable job, but she’d no knack for the knots, and ended up underfoot more than anything. All in all, she was a terrible sailor, which she found utterly vexing. However, her skill as a bard made her much more likable around the crew.

    She could hear the frogs croaking along the islands they passed by. The black sky was littered with pinpoints of white, and the moon barely shone enough to see. If she were to complete this job, it had to be done tonight, before the sun rose to shine light on her deed.

    Moving like a phantom; the bumbling, clueless guise of a bard now far behind, she slipped effortlessly into her latest role: the assassin. Access to the Captain’s cabin was easy, the door left unlocked, and she slipped within wholly unnoticed.

    The light creaking of the ship masked her light steps as she slipped up behind her target and withdrew the flintlock from her cloak. She aimed right for the head. “Give me one good reason not to kill you, Bryce,” Quincy’s harsh voice broke the silence, “as there’s a mighty good list of reasons to do so.”

    Katrina didn’t flinch. “Something stopped you, didn’t it?” She hummed softly. The captain turned the page, as if she wasn’t being held at gunpoint. “Tell me, do you believe everything you read, lass?” Only then did she move, when she was inconvenienced. She looked up, ice in her gaze.

    “You’ve a long list of accomplishments, something I admire,” Quincy retorted with amusement. “But as they like to say: guilty until proven innocent.” She smirked, despite the hood shadowing most of her face.

    Katrina sighed. “I see.” She stood, leaving her book on the window seat and calmly walked over to her desk. “Still, you didn’t answer my question: do you believe everything that is put in front of you? Are you not even a bit skeptical of the person who gave you the information?”

    Her aim trained on the Captain as she moved, Quincy barely twitched. “I’m always skeptical, my dear. Hence, you’re not dead. Had I been fully taken with your lovely list of crimes, we’d not be having this talk, would we?” she asked, her tone snide. “But, I do believe I’m the one to be doing the demands, not you.”

    “Fair point, though I will keep my thoughts to myself, I digress.” Bryce’s chair screeched on the floor as she tugged it out. “You said you wanted a reason not to kill me? Tell me what proof you have, then.” She pulled out a piece of paper and began writing. “Has Lucien begun putting up wanted posters of me, yet again? How much is it now…?”

    Quincy laughed. “I don’t need proof for hire, dear. Only a price.” She slid over a few steps, weapon still trained. Turning a chair, which gave her a view of her target, and the door, she plopped down with a smile. “Apparently he wants you very dead. Eight thousand gold is, after all, quite the motivation.”

    Katrina sighed, grumbling expletives. “... really driving up the price now. So, what exactly is he saying now? Did I kick puppies? Make babies cry?” The quill stopped suddenly as she reached down into the drawer and pulled up a sack of coins. “This is two thousand. Keep me alive, and you’ll get what you were paid, plus interest, once we reach our destination.”

    “Two thousand and the word of a…” she paused, waving her free hand inarticulately as she recalled the list, “thieving, slanderous, murdering pirate, to name a few?” If it weren’t for the gun, she’d assume they were having a friendly conversation. Quincy leaned back in her seat.

    “It’s all lies - at the worst, they are the sins of my father.” The Captain slung the bag onto the table, sounding a hefty metallic thunk. “Lord Aquino,” she sneered, the name dripping off her lips like venom, “is a narcissistic, wretched man, who cares for nothing but himself and his gold. Do you honestly think he won’t throw you to the guardsmen the moment you go back to him?” She leaned back, staring at Quincy. “He won’t give up a second coin for you; it’s who he is. Once I am gone, you have no worth to him, and he will toss you aside.”

    The room fell silent after her tirade, and Quincy held her peace, pretending to ponder her words. Then, she chuckled. “I must say, I agree with the sentiment, Captain Bryce.” She reached over and snatched up the coin bag. “I just wanted to see for myself - and quite frankly, I’d rather do business with a pirate than any money grubbing nobleman.”

    With a flourish, she stood, lowered the weapon, and extended her hand to Katrina. “I accept,” she said, a sly smile spreading across her lips. “But I must ask… what would you have done if I’d refused?”

    Katrina watched her with a skeptical glare, and a few moments passed before it eased into the hard stare she had become accustomed to. Her eyes finally left the younger woman, dropping down to her lap. “We would have seen who was a faster shot, lass.” She pulled a pistol from under the desk, and looked back up. “Now,” she let go and sat back up, hands folded on her lap, “since you know of Lord Aquino’s plans for me, perhaps you could know more about this… situation.”

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