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    A New Friend- A story from Arts past


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    A New Friend- A story from Arts past Empty A New Friend- A story from Arts past

    Post by DaBowlOfSoup on Wed Oct 05, 2016 6:54 pm

    A New Friend
    Art jerked awake and went to lunge forward only to be thrust back by the chains attaching him to the wall. The room was small and plain nothing too special about it, there were two sets of chains on the wall each being slightly rusted. Art continued to yank at the chains, trying as hard as he can to break free “HELP! SOMEBODY HELP!” he called out. Art shook heavily as fear filled his body, he looks around wondering how long he has been stuck in here and if he will ever be released again. The hallway outside of the cell was dimly lit by torches and the occasional footsteps could be heard echoing throughout the hallway but now they seemed to be getting closer to the cell.

    Then a tall man appeared in front of the cell, he was holding a boy about arts age. The boy had dark brown hair and blue eyes, his hair was wavy and only came down to about his ears. He was shorter than Art but then again most kids his age where, Art had always been the tallest of his friends. The man grinned and opened the cell door, he dragged the other boy to the set of chains next to art and locked him in “Got you a playmate lad.”. The man turned away and then walked out, shutting the cell door behind him. The footsteps could be heard for only a short while before a silence fell over the room again. Art turned his head to look at the other boy but said nothing, wondering if the boy was going to be friendly or not. Finally Art spoke pushing the worry aside “w….whats y..your..name”.

    The boy looked over at art and smiled slightly “Ikino….what's yours?. Art smiled once he knew the boy was friendly “My names Arturo...but you can call me Art.”. Ikino slides down against the wall, not even bothering to struggle against the chains “So how long have you been in here.” Ikino asked, Art sighed “I….I don’t know...I just...woke up and i was here…..”. He shook violently as his thoughts were consumed with the memories of the days before the cell. “My entire family is dead Ikino….the orcs killed them.”. Ikino frowned and reached over to put a hand on his new found friends shoulder; his attempt was halted by the rusted chain attaching his arm to the wall. “ Im also a survivor of an orc attack...at least we have each other now, right?”. Art smiled and nodded before going to slide back down to the floor “We should get some sleep...who knows when they will pull us out.”. Ikino shook his head and slid to the floor as well, as their eyes shut and the dim lighting of the underground chamber started to fade they both couldnt help but wonder Will this be our last night?.

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