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    A Changed Friend- A story from Arts past


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    A Changed Friend- A story from Arts past Empty A Changed Friend- A story from Arts past

    Post by DaBowlOfSoup on Wed Oct 05, 2016 6:29 pm

    A Changed Friend
    DING! DING! DING!. Art Jerked awake at the sound of the camps morning bell, he shivered when he sat up; feeling the cold morning air against his bare chest. A loud snore could be heard from across the large tent, he looked over and saw his partner Ikino still dead asleep even after the sound of the morning bell. Chuckling, Art would rise out of the bed and go over to kick his friend in the gut gently to wake him “Oi! Ikino! Viktor will have our heads if we don’t leave the tent soon, “Idiot After a few light shuffles and a unappealing grunt, Ikino could be seen rising out of his sleeping bag. As he slowly gathered up all his hair to put it into a neat little man bun he would grin at his friend “Today's the big day Ikino, Viktor is giving us a job and if we complete it we get promoted!”

    Ikino grumbled angrily and looked up at his friend. “Yeah it’s about time… Now grab your bow and let’s go to his tent”. They both finished up their morning routines and suited up, then headed out of their tent.

    When they arrived in the tent, they were greeted by a large bearded man with a kind smile, this was Viktor. Art smiled and went to hug the man “Viktor! My friend! It is good to see you!”. They both chuckled as Viktor pulled him into a “bear” hug. “You should be the one who gives the better bear hugs my friend! Not me!” Viktor said with a hardy laugh. Ikino looked as if somebody had just revived his family and killed them all over again in front of him, he was furious of the attention Art received. When viktor turned to acknowledge him he would just give a slight nod, not going for a hug like Art did. Viktor waved his hand dismissively and turned so that he was facing both the boys “I have a very important job for you two, you must go to the nearby town and make sure it is free from orc disturbance. Is that clear enough for you both?” The two boys would look at each other and nod ‘A job like this...its so easy..is this all we must do to get promoted?’ Art thought with a wide grin. “Yes sir Viktor!”  they would say in unison. The boys turned and went towards the exit of the tent. Viktor would smile at them and wave “Good Lard boys! Er...wait...um... Land?, Loot?, Luck?..Ah!  Luck! Art couldn’t help but chuckle at his friends little knowledge of elvish but Ikino however remained stone faced as they walked out.

    They would arrive in the town they were assigned to later that evening. From the looks of it the town was fine; busy and bustling as usual. Ikino looked at art with a smile “Since it seems the town is fine...how about we go talk to those lovely ladies over there” he would then point to two stunningly beautiful young girls over by the market.

    Art gave a huge nod to his best friend “I don’t think Viktor would mind us taking an hour or two off.” After their short exchange of words they would split up and go after their separate girls.As he confidently waltzed up to the girl he would flash a cocky grin, if there was one thing he was good at besides fighting, it was talking to girls.

    His approach was unfortunately cut short as a tall, muscular man would stand in the way of art and the girl. “Now listen here lad! This here is my daughter and I don’t want you messing around with her! Understood?”. Just before Art got stutter out a nervous response Ikino jumped in.

    Back off old man, or you’ll regret it! We can talk to whoever we want!”. The man glared down at Ikino.

    Who do you think you’re talking to lad? I’ll bust yo-” the man's speech was cut to an abrupt end as a knife was stuck into his jugular. Shocked by this turn of events art looked around for the source, only to find that it was his partner.

    Ikino! What are you doing?!”. He never would have thought his friend would do this, they had a strict moral code; no killing innocents. As the man fell to the floor screams started to fill the air and soon enough the clanking of the town guards armour could be heard approaching fast. Art’s friend already took off running and left Art to get caught, which unfortunately is what happened. He was dragged off to the dungeons and shoved into a cell, Force to wait  for Viktor to come get him.  

    He sat in the dark cell, still in awe of what happened. His friend, his best friend had killed an innocent man and left him to get caught. Ikino had changed, he was not the same boy who he met in the cells all those years ago, he had let his hate consume him. His friend..had changed.

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