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    Lessons - Liniel


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    Lessons - Liniel Empty Lessons - Liniel

    Post by LSG_Amarra on Mon Jul 04, 2016 9:02 pm

    Water dripped, and echoed unnaturally loud against the stone walls. She could barely see Paul's form through the darkness with the glowing from her brand - how he could see where he was going was a mystery to her. "Where are we going??" Her toe caught on a beam in the rail track, and she was only saved from a face filled with metal by an arm extending back.

    "Be patient, Liniel." His arm dropped, and he continued, his cane tapping in the darkness.

    "We've been walking forever!" She groaned. "When are we gonna get... wherever you're trying to take me?!"

    "Never, if you keep whining." He snapped coolly. The track curved, and she only knew that because she saw the barest hint of his form turn, and the wall approaching her face.

    Her dislike for him grew with every instant the spoke, his cold snark clashing with her fiery, biting comments. And then there were moments where all she could do was stare in awe; Whenever he spoke about magic, usually. He was a jerk in most ways, but she couldn't doubt he was wiser than she could ever be. He was one of the few people she openly respected, even with as much as she sassed him. Perhaps out of fear, or out of envy, maybe both.

    His form dropped and she took a step back, placing a hand on the wall. The sound of feet hitting the ground passed through her. "Wh-"

    And then she heard him sigh impatiently. "Just come down." Something hissed, and there was a flash of bright light. Her eyes stung and watered, having been submerged in the dark for so long. Rubbing her eyes only made them ache worse. Her eyes opened to a slit, water filling the space between, but what she could tell of her surroundings they were in... a cave?

    "It's time you learn something practical. Come and sit." He ambled to a random spot and sat on the floor.

    She blinked, tears slipping down her cheeks, but she stuck a foot over the edge of the track and dropped as he did. "You're teaching me magic now? Here?" She pointed around the room. "Why?"

    "This spell will kill you if you're not trained correctly, and even then you must be careful." He stared at her as she sat in front of him, his expression blank. "Do you know how to meditate...?"

    'Right into it huh?' She scooted a bit and laid an elbow on her knee. Her eyes were finally adjusting to the light, but they still stung. A quirk in her lips formed a sneer as she talked, "Mother tried to teach me once, but all i ever learned was how to fall asleep faster." Her hand wandered backward, but she yanked it back in a panic when she found something squishy to lean on instead.

    He huffed. "Yes, well." Once more he sighed and sat his cane aside. "Everyone should know how to meditate, regardless of their thoughts on magic. Being able to calm one's mind and focus inward is invaluable." He motioned at her with his chin. "Close your eyes."

    Compliant, she closed her eyes. Now her mind focused on her surroundings; the ticking of tiny bug feet nearby, water trickling down rocks, breaths shared between the two, something that scurried in the dark corners.

    "Clear your mind," His voice startled her, being surprisingly loud now that she focused elsewhere, "Save for one thing; a river flowing alongside you. Think of the sound, think of the light glinting off the ripples, think of the smell of moist soil... Go there."

    Relaxation eased her expression at the command, her soul feeling at ease with the image. Thoughts of home, a familiar river she visited. She... could have sworn she had returned.The sounds were so real to her, and she actually breathed in the earthen scent.

    "Do you see it..?" His voice whispered through the leaves like the autumn wind. Slowly, she nodded. "Reach out. Place your hand in the water." She obeyed, reaching out, both in front of Paul and into the river. "How does it feel?"

    Water ran over her hand and between her fingers, tingling the digits with needles of cold. "It's freezing..." The heavy words tumbled off of her tongue lethargically as she slipped into her native language.

    "Good." She could barely hear the satisfaction in his voice, in fact... she could hardly hear him at all. "Don't lose that. What else do you see? Look around." Her head tilted back, and with eyes wide shut, lights appeared. They flickered around her and then disappeared just as fast.

    "Calamar.*" She breathed, "So many lights."

    "That, Liniel, is life energy. Every light is a life force, flickering in the darkness of the universe. Every person, every animal, every insect, every plant; It's all energy." She nodded again. She could almost-

    A hand pushed on her shoulder, snapping her out of her vision. The calm fled from her chest, and raw heat sat there in its wake. "Why did you do that?!"

    "You have to be able to meditate and avoid being pulled from it." He placed his hand back on his lap and gave her a very serious look. "Stop me. Find the river again, and this time, when you see the lights focus on me." He motioned between them, then faced his hand palm out for her to see. "Then raise your hand out in front of you."

    She glared, hoping that the next spell she learned would burn a hole right in that dumb face of his. She shifted in her seat and closed her eyes. It was easier this time to find the river, but the lights took their time - perhaps because now she expected them. However, she began to see tiny glints, and soon, small orbs in front of her. This time, the images collided; She sat in the forest, and the room was lined with light. She understood what he meant now. Each and every lichen, or rat, or bug was shown to her. The forest now melded with the cave.

    Something moved, flinching towards her, and she felt Paul's hand on her face. She growled and bared her fangs in frustration as the lights faded. "No, don't open your eyes. Focus. Stop me." The scowl stayed as she obeyed.

    Each breath made the stars return. Once the cave revealed itself, she let her "gaze" fall in front of her. Instead of the scattered lights, they formed a shape. She started to make out a torso... then a head, and eventually, a person's shape sat in front of her, gilded in stars.

    She raised her hand and waited. the shape didn't move for quite some time. Each sound made her flinch, each light that moved made her twitch, but she watched her teacher.

    The slightest movement made her reach out, and she heard him hiss as her nail scraped his wrist. She opened her eyes. "I..." She stared at his arm in her hand. "I did it. I could see you." She looked up at him.

    It surprised her that Paul was smiling at her, but it made her smile in return.

    Elvish, and a disclaimer:

    n. Calamar: Lights

    Okay, this was one of the very few things Hen and I RP'd as far as magic went before he got banned. This is Lin's only magic spell.

    But, the bad thing is I never got screenshots of this. This is all creative liberty I am taking. I remember general details and how it works, but I don't remember dialogue. What I'm doing as far as paul is to the best of my ability, as to mimic Hen. This is not perfect, or accurate, but I wanted to show you guys what Lin, and I, learned.

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