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    Liniel Spade (WIP BUT FINALLY AM POSTED) Thislo10

    Liniel Spade
    Hero, Hunter, Heretic

    Name: Liniel Spade [Elvish: Roughly "Melody" (Lit. Child of Song)]
    Nicknames: Lin, Lili, Lossewen [Elvish: Rosebud (Lit. Little Rose)]
    Gender: Female
    Race: Wood Elf / High Elf
    Age: 31 (Wip)
    Birthday: Narvinyë 21st
    Height: 6'5"
    Weight: 157

    Appearance: Extremely tall for an elf, She is still muscular from the rigorous training and exercise she has endured throughout the years, if a bit thin. Bright red hair hangs in waves and loose curls, and glittering amber eyes shine from under messy bangs. Many scars mar her torso and limbs, the most obvious being the lines on her face; long, jagged claw marks gouged into her nose and cheeks.

    Wardrobe: Liniel would never be caught in a dress, under any circumstances. Her left arm is always covered by a sleeve or a bracer, often both, to hide her brand.

    Personal Belongings:

    Liniel Spade (WIP BUT FINALLY AM POSTED) Bracer10

    Liniel Spade (WIP BUT FINALLY AM POSTED) Sword10

    Personality: You either love her or hate her, and often it is shared the other way; She is always a step away from either throwing a party in your name to spite the gloomy mood or baring her teeth and growing in your face at the first word you say. She is sarcastic and rude at times, often wearing a wide smirk or grin when she's in a good mood. One can sometimes catch a rare glimpse of her softer side, staring into the trees in thought or lost in the music flitting out of her flute, and the instant she knows you're there she puts up every wall she can. Unlike her mother, the only emotions she wears on her sleeve are smug joy or crippling rage, the others are much harder to escape from her hold. She is ridiculously childish at times, as seen by her well-known pouts and brash attitude.

    Even with her first impressions being hard to swallow at times, She is a loving and loyal girl to a fault at times. She will do anything to keep the mood light, and would go out of her way to help the people closest to her. She would do anything to protect the ones she loved.

    Occupation: None
    Place of Residency: None, Estëmen (Childhood home)
    Known Languages: Elven, Common, Beast

    Weaponry Proficiencies:

    *Hand to hand

    Current History (HUGE WIP):

    Liniel traveled to find her mother, and hopefully her father, at the age of 26. she left with nothing except the clothes on her back and some coin she had pilfered from her family. The letters Her mother had written in secret to her uncle said she lived in Ledra, all the way in Cronane. She took a ship and happily sat in the hull until they hit land. She wondered... Would Mother look like how she imagined? She barely remembered anything, save for long, red hair. She searched for three days in the city, asking around about a red headed Elven woman. She knocked on doors and looked in windows.

    Until one day she knocked on a door and looked at a woman with her mother's red hair. After an emotional reunion, she was also me with a strange man, Isacc. Her mother had been staying with Issac in his home. She advised her that she should return home, a request that was not met with cooperation. Amarra eventually caved in and allowed Liniel to stay. After many days, she was positive that this man had to be her father. Who else would her mother find?

    Her mother didn't trust her abilities, however, and urged her to stay inside. However, she did not count on her daughter to find a friend... Together they ventured outside the town... and then the city... And then the North. traveling south to more treacherous lands.


    Born to Amarra Zailin in the city of Estëmen, Liniel was a child of extremes. She would be quiet and unnoticeable one moment, and in the next instant be screaming or crying or laughing at the top of her lungs. Every instant to her was an adventure, every breath seemed to fill her with life. She was loved constantly. Toma would take her along into the city to find the tallest tree to sit and have lunch in, and Uncle Jak would play with her until she was so exhausted that he carried her to bed and tell her fantastic tales of heroes and battles. Her grandfather loved to show her new, wonderful things about the world

    Her favorite person, of course, was her mother. Her very first memory is watching her mother look out the window as she brushed her hair-- Long, dark red curls shining in the sunlight like fire. She would sing Liniel to sleep often, the tune now ingrained in her mind.

    One day… She woke up to the sound of her grandmother screaming, and things being thrown around the house. She had been sick with a cold for weeks and had slept long into the day. Padding out to the hall and down the stairs, she saw the living room in complete disarray; plates were shattered on the floors, chairs were knocked over and half broken, and the front door was left wide open. Her uncle was comforting his aunts, her grandfather and grandmother nowhere to be found.

    When she asked the three where everyone was, they all looked at her so sad. Jak picked her up as he stood and told her they needed to talk about something. Together, they left the house and traveled out into the forest. Sunlight shone through the massive trees above them, and she could hear animals and birds around them. It had felt like they had walked forever when her uncle stopped and sat again. “Mamae... Your mother had to go away for a while.”

    Away? “She had to…” He sniffed. He was sad. She tried to comfort him in the only way she knew how, but it was no use. He gently grabbed the hands that were trying to wipe away the wetness from his cheeks and sat them on her lap. He told her that her mother had gone to find her father. She had never heard of him before. Jak told the story of how her father was a great war hero, who fell in love with her mother. They had her, and he loved them, but he had to leave because of a great evil. “Now she had to find him and make sure he’s not in trouble.”

    She waited every day. She would sit on the front porch and stare out onto the tiny gravel road that wound its way through the trees until it got dark. Every day she would ask him when she would be back, but each time was met with silence or distraction.

    One day she stopped waiting.

    She started to forget. First, she forgot what her mother sounded like, though her uncle never let her forget her mother’s lullaby. Then she forgot the color of her mother’s eyes. Slowly her mother’s features faded from her memory.

    Instead of going to see her mother at work, she and Toma would play in town. She would follow her uncle when he worked instead of eating lunch with her mother at her job. Her grandfather taught her everything instead of her mother. Her grandmother taught her how to fight, happy to see her more eager than her mother.

    Teenage Years (WIP):

    She became the spitting image of Toma, along with her bad mouth and bad attitude. Her personality changed drastically; she went from the sweet, emotional girl to someone cold and snarky. No one could stop her. She would try to do everything in her power to find her own freedom, even attempting to venture off on her own, only to be stopped by her uncle and the other guards.

    Liniel's wolf form is seen in times of emotional trauma or stress, or simply when she was caught during a full moon. She is even more mischievous and childish as a wolf, but the two extremes of her own personality are augmented as a wolf. She often loses control of her anger more easily in this form and is much more impulsive. In this form she is both much more powerful and also vulnerable; She is faster and stronger, but the smell of blood can drive her into bloodlust. She does everything she can to prevent it, such as holding her breath or digging her nose into the earth. To those who don't know her, there is no story to her Lycanthrope; she simply would not answer the question.

    As a child, venturing into the woods was a magnificent adventure. She would pretend to be a maiden frolicking through the trees, or a great hunter searching for its prey.

    Because of rumors from her time spent with Paul Pyrovetch, she tries to stay in her Elven form in fear of the Silver Brand or sympathizers.


    Liniel Spade (WIP BUT FINALLY AM POSTED) Markin10

    Liniel's greatest desire is to protect the people she loves. She wants to be the hero in her own story.

    One day, when Evandra was held hostage in her own home, she confronted the man who dared harm her friend. She threatened his life if he did not release her, yet he was unfazed. He claimed powerful magic that could freeze the arrow before it left her bow. It was only the interruption by a chaotic man that halted her shot, and their attention was turned to a horde of zombies.

    His combat struck her heart with terror, fearing that it would be turned on her, and she dropped her weapon when the creatures were dead. He interrogated her; He was looking for her mother, who happened to be missing. He agreed to help Liniel find her, and she agreed to follow him.

    Liniel chose to learn magic from Paul Pyrovetch in an attempt to know how to heal her mother should the worst happen. She stayed her path, even as she was told tales of his misdeeds - and even he warned her he would teach her heresy. What she learned were mostly theories about Magic and Power, and life in general. She didn't believe him to be as bad as everyone said, and was determined to prove him and everyone else wrong.

    He branded her and taught her how to sense life energy, which she believed to be in alignment with the Restorative Line, and she learned quickly to be able to see his energy in front of her. What she also learned after a few lessons and many days of practicing her meditation underground, was that it was not one of the Pure Magics at all, but one of Energy. She then promptly puked in the bushes outside.

    When Paul abandoned her, she told herself she was tricked to learn heretical magic and swore never to perform it again. She hides her brand under her left bracer, which shifts in swirling colors with magical energy.



    • Amarra Zailin: Mother, "I will always be here for you, my sweet girl."

    • Michiel Zailin: Grandfather, "
    • Tanna Zailin: Grandmother (Deceased), "You will work, or you will fail, just as your mother did."
    • Jakenir Zailin: Uncle (Deceased) "If you follow me around, the other guards will get jealous, you know..."
    • Toma Zailin: Aunt (Deceased) "It'll be fun, We'll be back before anyone notices! You're not scared, are you?"
    • Giana Zailin: Aunt, "The two of you are the worst influence on her. I'm the only one trying to teach her to be a lady, and you're showing her that manners and quiet voices are rubbish!"
    • Airinon Zailin: Cousin "Agoo."

    • Herost Malthiel: Birth Father "All I have ever wanted, is for you to be safe."
    • Dearon Malthiel: Half Brother "I will protect you, Sister."
    • Nahtare Malthiel: Half Sister "One day I'm going to have to teach you how to hunt right. You're too gentle."
    • Alon Malthiel: Half Brother "I just want you to be okay. Just promise me that..."
    • Ruion Malthiel: Half Brother "Lili, I found you! Father will be so happy!"

    • Issac Spade: Adoptive Father (Hey soup could I borrow a Quote real quick?)


    • Evandra Ayedelore: Best Friend, "You're strong, you're loving, and you're braver than I could ever be; there is no way in this world or another that I could see you as a monster."
    • Nilo Lockwood: Best Friend, "Liniel... You're my sister now, never forget that... Just as you've helped me, I'll always help you in the future."
    • Arturo Shade: Best Friend
    • Ellery: Stuffy lady who makes good food, "Oh dear."
    • Raina Shade: Annoying, but cute. "You're so grumpy! Don't be grumpy!"
    • Lochannar: *Raspberry noises*, "Pipsqueak."

    There's going to be a lot more, but I'm still working.


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