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    Evandra Aydelore


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    Evandra Raeneth Aydelore
    Evandra Aydelore 497554ce3b5d342e9dd27be63ed65303
    "Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness.
    I’ll choke you with the same hand I fed you with.”

    Evandra Aydelore Sunrise-divider-purple-hi

    Name Meaning: Powerful woman
    Birthdate: Ilwelú 7th
    Age: 50
    Gender: Female
    Race: Elf/Werecat
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 114

    Appearance: Small in stature, thin, and pale, Evandra doesn't cast a striking appearance; let alone a noticeable shadow. Her frame, once strengthened by a lifestyle of hard work, is now weak and often shaky. She often moves with caution and care, as if some things pain her. Often a limp is noticeable in her right leg. But none of this appearance of weakness hinders the hard stare of her blue-grey eyes. Her expression is typically set in a firm and stoic position, with little emotion to glean from her expression; save for disapproval. Her wavy blonde hair is nearly always tied back out of her face in some manner of another, but her long bangs constantly escape and cover part of her face. Her features are sharp, and yet her face has a slight roundness to it.

    Wardrobe: Simple, comfortable, and practical, would best describe most of Evandra's wardrobe. She prefers mostly earthy tones, and often wears simple layered tunics, leggings, and vests. Cloaks and bracers are often a part of her ensemble. She does on occasion wear her blue-green dress around her home.

    Evandra Aydelore JUDDkVF

    Personal Belongings:

    Evandra Aydelore 1u2ZsPD
    Engagement Ring:
    Given to her by Nilo Lockwood on the day of their engagement, this ring is ever present on her left hand. While Eva is not one to often wear jewelry, this is one she loves.(Sorry Lost, I didn't really remember the description. If you do remember feel free to message me.)

    Evandra Aydelore MGQ7Has
    This necklace, while holding nothing inside but memories, is something she treasures, but doesn't often wear. Given to her by her young friend Ris, she has many painful and happy memories associated with it. With Ris disappearing from her life soon after his father died, Evandra misses him greatly. She often wears two rings on the chain of this locket, both simple silver bands, one with a violet stone and one with a black stone. (And she normally wears at least one on her hand when not wearing the necklace.)

    Evandra Aydelore CKKYU4G
    Evandra has gone through many bows, most of her own making. She prefers the recurve, compact yet packing a punch, in all her archery abilities. She rarely leaves home without this bow and her usual dagger or shortsword. When at home, it is often hanging on the wall in her bedroom.

    Evandra Aydelore H3VLLg3
    One of her few links to one of the many mysteries before she lost her recent memories. This tulip never wilts or fades. It remains timeless in a box in the bottom of the chest in Eva's room, doing nothing but gathering dust. She never had the heart to get rid of it, even though it's old significance was long forgotten...

    Evandra Aydelore Sunrise-divider-purple-hi

    Personality: (ISFP) Evandra's every action is always dominated by her strong internal sense of morals. She always acts on what she believes to be right, and she will blow her top when she views what she perceives to be an injustice. She loathes most 'higher ups,' much due to her upbringing and Nathan Aydelore's influence on her life; and her state as a fugitive in her home country. She feels everything very deeply, and tends to be governed more by her deep emotions than by rational thought.
         Incredibly impulsive, and very in tune to her surroundings, Evandra is an act first, think later person. Hyper-observant, and nearly always on edge, she is usually the first to take action in times of danger.(Note:in times of extreme stress she can be the exact opposite. So withdrawn into herself that she has no knowledge of the external world.) Her keen observance often leads to 'judging a book by it's cover' and first impressions tend to stick with her. Highly biased.
        Evandra tends to be singularly focused, and doesn't really see the big picture of things. Narrow-minded, many call her. She often prefers to do tedious tasks, to focus in on one thing, and be absorbed for hours.
    "You can't live your life with a bleeding heart, because in the end, no one else will care."

    Occupation: Fletcher/Bowyer
    Residence: Ledra
    Known Languages: Common, Beast, Elven


    Abridged Timeline: Pre-Amnesia:

    -Lost to the Tanalramae at 5, adopted by Aydelore
    -25 years old, first shift
    -Working in Reyon goes sour: apprehended by the Silver Brand
    -Two week imprisonment
    -Released: supposedly cured
    -Stumbled upon distant village; inhabitants take her in
    -Befriends Isacc. Taken to Ledra for further recovery
    -Made friends and enemies-- dangerous enemies
    -Went under disguise for a time
    -Family troubles
    -Stranger named Cyril rescued her from her family
    -Cyril and Eva fell in love
    -Iridia’s attempted murder, thwarted by Lochannar
    -Evandra on the brink of death, nursed back to health

    Post Amnesia:

    -Chaos ensued; Eva’s ill health and lack of recent memories shocking everyone
    -Isacc murdered Drako
    -Evandra(once healed, physically) tried to kill Isacc
    -Fled Ledra into the wilderness
    -Nilo takes Eva under his care
    -After weeks of recovery, she returns to Ledra
    -Witnesses Aure’s death
    -Miluineth’s death
    -The entire group flees Ledra, heading northwest
    -They live in a small town for several weeks; more conflict
    -Evandra travels away for isolation; traverses a lot of Cronane
    -Three months of absence
    -After return she soon leaves to live near Tallen
    -Ellery soon drags her to home and safety of Ledra
    -Liniel, Zi, and Evandra embark on a journey to rescue Arturo
    -Nilo proposes
    -Lin’s ‘disappearance’/Arturo kidnaps her
    -Amarra, Nilo, and Evandra go to bring her home
    -Travel to Estëmen, the home city of the Elves
    -Flight to a nearby safe city after riots began


    "She's lost inside."
    Severe trauma, near death experience, betrayed by her own sister, and a blow to the head all lead Evandra from the already mentally unstable state to full-fledged amnesia. All the events of her past five to ten years were wiped out. And now, they're foggy at best. Some return when triggered by events, words, or faces, and the returning memories are always confusing at first, leaving Evandra with a struggle for what actually happened, or what she perceives different. Flashbacks come and go with little to no warning. They range in severity from her spacing out for a moment to an overwhelming nausea and nearly blacking out.

    Many of her memories she would rather have stayed forgotten, and it seems as though the ones best forgotten were the first to return. As it has been well over two years since she has experienced this horrible illness, she has grasped a better rein on her mind and the flashbacks, and is much better handling them. However, she or anyone else can never really know when it will hit her again.

    Most of the time she remains silent on the issues of her memory, and most of her loved ones do not know the extent of what she remembers and what she does not. It is a severely touchy subject with her and something that frightens her. With her best health in mind, her friends remain loyal and helpful, but rarely mention the amnesia. However, internalizing all the confusion, anger, and trauma lead her to a rather awful place deep in her mind. She bottles it all up, hopes that it will go away, and wishes she could remove this dark cloud from her mind: if only to help her friends better.


    "I am not who I appear to be."

    Evandra Aydelore 6ab0b78ba5b6dae81d52de6a5f0c1544
    Werecat, Shape-Shifter, Beast; they are known by many names. Evandra is one of the more uncommon folk of the land who is, in essence, half animal. She has the remarkable ability to shift into the form of a feline, and, even in Elf form, possess many traits of a cat. Many reasons are due to the rarity of Eva's kind: but highest of them all is that they are a hunted race.

    As her family before them, Evandra is about as close to 'pure-blood' Shifter as one can come in these days. She has two forms: housecat and Werecat. The ability to shift into her 'small' form can be controlled willfully, though is a strain on the body.
    The Werecat form is dangerous, volatile, and only appears in times of extreme danger and stress. (Still WIP on whole Shifter lore/mechanics)

    "If you don't control your mind, someone else will."
    Evandra Aydelore 202e19cb693b61867515b5d173dc0a82
    (Still subject to tweaks)A rare hereditary trait, passed down from her father, Belegnaer Tanalramae. Evandra has the ability to read and manipulate minds, to an extent. Most often, these actions are subconscious, and difficult at best to control. She easily picks up on strong thoughts/emotions of those around her, but unless much work is put into it, it ends there.

    She can transmit thoughts, feelings, and sometimes even images into others minds. A trained mind can easily block their minds from all but the most powerful of mind mages, but an untrained mind may not even notice the small tweaks.

    However, she is entirely untrained. Her uses of mind manipulation are usually limited to communication. Attempts to confuse, manipulate, or harm others mentally can be highly detrimental to her own well-being, especially depending on how sound her emotional state is at the current time.  

    Evandra Aydelore Sunrise-divider-purple-hi



    Belegnaer Tanalramae: Father. "She never learns."
    Haedirn Tanalramae: Mother. (Deceased)
    Iridia Tanalramae: Sister. (Deceased) "You're a disgrace to the Tanalramae, traitor to our kind!"
    Yllethial Tanalramae: Sister. "Just calm down..."
    Hurnith Tanalramae: Sister. "Father! Can someone catch Rae before she hurts herself?"
    Hurdor Tanalramae: Brother. "She's actually kind of cute, once you get past the screaming."
    Erythor Tanalramae Brother. "Ignorant. Incompetent. She's in way over her head."
    Lochannar Tanalramae: Brother. "I've lost her; I betrayed her. I'm as good as dead to her."
    Miluineth Tanalramae: Sister. (Deceased) "Just come home, please. We can sort things out there."


    Joseph Aydelore: Dad. "Up and at 'em, sweetheart."
    Celia Aydelore: Mom. "C'mon sunshine, keep your fingers out of the food."
    Nathan Aydelore: Brother.
    Grace Aydelore: Sister. "Not now, Eva, I'm busy."
    Jeremy Aydelore: Brother. "Who said you could ride my horse?!"
    Melissa Aydelore: Sister-in-Law. "She's a real blessing, that girl."
    Darrel Aydelore: Nephew. "Dad! I'm taller than Aunt Evandra now!"
    Ellery Aydelore: Niece. "Oh my word I missed you so much! Are you okay? Are you eating enough? Have you been sleeping?"

    Amarra Zailin: Best Friend. "Thank you for being my friend, Eva. I.... Don't know where I'd be without you."
    Liniel Spade: Best Friend
    "Can you believe them? They don't have anything on you and me, Ev. We're too amazing."
    Nilo Lockwood: Fiance.
    Raina Shade: Adorable Kid.

    -The Not-So-Friends-

    Zi Shade: Frightening Almost Relative.
    Arturo Shade: Annoying Almost Nephew.
    Rio Shade: Bizarre Almost Niece.

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