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    Ellery Aydelore


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    Ellery Aydelore Empty Ellery Aydelore

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    Ellery Aydelore
    Ellery Aydelore Ac70e51be25714ca6d9b0de65b7e00f2
    “We are not perfect living beings,
    nor do we have to pretend to be.
    But it is necessary for us to be
    the best versions of ourselves
    that we can be.”

    Race: Human

    Age: 18-19

    Name Meaning: Joyful, happy

    Residence: Ledra/Aydelore Ranch

    Occupation: Housekeeper/Baker

    Ellery stands just a little taller than her aunt, around five foot seven, with bouncy, curly red hair, bright green eyes, and freckles across her pale skin. She’s almost always smiling, even when extremely nervous, as that seems to be a nervous habit. Her poofy hair is normally pulled back with a colorful ribbon(or four) or perhaps a braid. She’s slightly plump, perhaps due to her love of cooking(and snitching.)She usually wears an apron over a color dress, and it probably has food stains speckled across the surface.

    Ellery’s a sweet, energetic, enthusiastic, and motherly young woman, always fussing over people to take better care of themselves, trying to give food to everyone, and trying her best to encourage anyone who seems upset. She can be a bit bossy, and tries her best to keep everything in order, even obsessively cleaning her aunt’s house whenever she isn’t looking. When she isn’t cleaning, Ellery loves cooking, baking, and just about anything that has to do with food. She gets frustrated with disorderly people, dirty shoes, cats with no sense of where to walk and where not to walk, and people with no regard for personal hygiene

    The Story Thus Far:
    Born to Nathan and Elaine Aydelore and raised on a ranch, Ellery was no stranger to hard work. But, that is to say, she did just about everything within her power to work hard inside. Unlike most of her family, Ellery didn’t take well to many animals. Horses were too big and might step on her feet, dogs were too loud and stinky, sheep were absolutely stinky and ate too much, and cats didn’t know their limits. (Looking at you, Aunt Evandra.) But she had a natural knack for cooking, and she did love a clean house, so Ellery became the Aydelore housekeeper. Often chasing her father, brother, and aunt out of the way so she could clean up their horrendous messes.

    When she was ten years old, Aunt Evandra disappeared. She wasn’t sure why, or what happened; all she knew is that her daddy spent the next weeks sending out letters, and spent every spare moment pacing, his face drawn in a worried look, muttering to himself. Sometimes her mother would go and calm him down, but he looked ready to grab his big sword and go fight some bad guys. That’s what he used to do, he used to be a fighter. So why couldn’t he find and save aunt Eva if she was missing?

    As Ellery grew older, her father, Nathan, being a former man of combat, made sure each of his children knew how to defend themselves. Ellery wasn’t fond of the lessons, and to be quite honest, Nathan found them hazardous. Ellery’s dexterity was limited to just about one thing: housekeeping. (And even then, she was good at making messes, she just always cleaned them up.) However, Nathan pushed her on. To this day, Ellery can somewhat wield a dagger, maybe a smallsword, and occasionally hit her target with a bow and arrow.

    Ellery was fifteen when she and her aunt Grace were visiting Tallen for supplies and the likes, and they had an unlikely meeting: a familiar, short, blonde Elf, looking a little cross, could only be one person. With a squeal of delight, Ellery tackled her long-lost aunt in a smothering hug.

    Ellery was overjoyed with this, and actually stayed behind to help Evandra out at her home: which was an absolute mess. And she wanted to meet all of Evandra friends, and find out what happened. Eva, however, wasn't too free with everything, but Ellery eventually got it out. Then and there, Ellery put it upon herself to care for and look after Evandra, only returning home when she received word from her father that she had too. She quickly acquainted herself with Evandra’s friends, and even some of Evandra real family, those who would even talk to her.

    One time, she left to go home for just a month, and returned to chaos. Evandra was half dead and had lost most of her memories, Miluineth was dead, Lochannar was no-where to be seen(the worthless cat), Isacc had killed Eva’s best friend, Amarra was distraught, and Evandra was with a friend by the name of Nilo. Finally, she tracked down Lochannar and demanded to see her aunt, after a heated argument, he took her to see Evandra. No one knew exactly what happened, but Lochannar had rescued her from her... crazed older sister? Evandra’s family just kept getting weirder and weirder.

    Ellery stayed with Evandra from that point onward, taking care of her alongside Lochannar and Eva’s close friends. She now resides in Ledra with Evandra as her ‘official’ housekeeper(as she always says) and keeps track of Eva’s six cats, Evandra herself, her brother, and ‘who knows who else,’ as put in her own words.

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