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    The Cats of Evandra's House


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    The Cats of Evandra's House Empty The Cats of Evandra's House

    Post by Cat on Sat Aug 27, 2016 12:47 pm


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    Evandra's first feline friend she picked up, found as an abandoned little kitten, Eva took this little cat in and fed and cared for her. All the attention must have gotten to her head, as now, a few years later, she is a pampered, ridiculously fat housecat. The mother of four kittens, she does little more than sleep, or lay with one eye open to keep an eye on her rambunctious young ones. She is commonly referred to as Hissy.

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    A gift from a Ledran neighbor, Limdir was added to Eva's household not too long after her little Hissy, and no two cats could be so different. Where Hissy wanted to recline, sleep, and soak up the sun, Limdir wanted to play, chase mice, inspect every new friend Eva brought home, and go play outside and track mud all over Ellery's freshly clean rugs. Life is an adventure that he is not going to miss out on. He loves people, but something about Eva's tall redheaded friend scares him half to death, and he finds the young man with dark hair that can turn into a cat way too stuffy. He loves to get into all sorts of mischief with his four kittens, and is more often than not encouraging them in their mess-making(much to Hissaelwyn's annoyance).

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    Humiol, meaning sleepy or drowsy. This little fellow lives up to his name. He typically is seen as a little orange ball of fuzz on his mother's back, snoozing away the daylight hours. When awakened, he is normally clumsy, reluctant, and has to be nudged along by his siblings to consider playing. Although, he is a rather poor sport, and he tends to sit on his siblings when he loses. Needless to say, he's normally left to his slumber. Unless Can, the glutton for punishment, decides to be annoying.

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    Thinda is the energetic, yet cuddlesome kitten. She is prone to climbing up on someone, just to have a nap on your head or shoulder. She's awfully timid, but loves a good adventure nonetheless, which is normally experienced by her tiptoeing along behind her siblings, ready to bound beneath her father at a moment's notice. She'll curl up in anyone's lap and soon be snoring softly, even if it's the strange smelling redhead. Thinda is especially partial to sleeping in Ellery's hair anytime Ellery is laying down, something about the springy curls really lures the little kitty in; much to Ellery's horror.

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    Easy-going and fun loving, Kindred is the peacemaker sibling. He follows Can and Limdir in the mischief, keeps an eye on Thinda, and tries to keep Humiol from sitting on the others.(This causes him to be the most sat upon, however.) He likes to sit in windows, sneak food crumbs off the floor during meal times, and play with Ellery's yarn.

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    Commonly known as Can, Canya is the daredevil, the one that takes right after her father and then some. Typically the leading one in mischief against Limdir, and usually the most obnoxious when guests come over, Can is typically clawing her way up their pantleg, mewing for attention.

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