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    Nilo Red Lockwood

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    Nilo Red Lockwood Empty Nilo Red Lockwood

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    Nilo Red Lockwood

    Nilo Red Lockwood HjAVOEl

    "Tragedy has a funny way of taking away all of your hope, only to give you even more afterward."


    Birth Name: Nilo Red Lockwood
    Titles: Harpist of Emotions, Ambassador of the Autumn Forest, the Forsaken One’s Created Twin, Werecat of Timidness

    Race: Elf
    Gender: Male
    Age: 38
    Birth Day: Tuilë 34

    Place of Residence: Red Duchy, Autumn Forest

    Occupation: Harpist, Lord of the Autumn Forest, Red Duchy Court Member

    Height: 5’ 7’’
    Weight: 110 lbs.

    Nilo has dark brown hair that is usually seen unkept and messy. It stays rather long, though not long enough to reach his shoulders. His eyes are an odd, dark auburn that have a lazy and somewhat timid look to them. He has fair, pale skin that alludes to the fact he rarely stays in the sun for long. His clothing tends to be dark colored tunics along with capes, coats, and the likes. He has a taste for flair, so frills and accessories aren't foreign to him.

    As a cat, Nilo is a small and lightweight short haired breed. He has midnight black fur and his trademark auburn eyes. He’s slightly smaller than the average cat while in this form, though, healthy looking and quite average outside of that. Nilo doesn’t have access to a ‘feral’ form as of today.

    Nilo is known to be very placid and calm looking person for the most part. He’s never seen angry or overly passionate, tending to be a very soft-spoken and plain looking person. However, he has a very caring personality, treating and caring for his friends intently, especially his fiance Evandra.

    However, the young man has come from a tragic past full of loss. This had caused him to dip into bouts of depression that he still suffers from today. The loss of his past wife and twin brother has caused him much suffering and this reason alone can be said to have led him to the mostly unemotional state he is in.

    His love for his friends and family is quite admirable, though. He cares for them greatly and goes to great lengths to make sure they’re happy and healthy. He’s deeply in love with his fiance, Evandra, finding her the sole reason to live. It’s said everything he does is for Evandra and their future together.

    Ruhindra - The ornate harp crafted by master artisans and imbued with strong mana that was created and named after Nilo's past wife. The harp can be a powerful weapon if chosen to be used as such, enhancing a caster's spells if played like music. This helps Nilo out greatly as his form of magic plays off of forcing emotions onto other people.
    Red Ring - An ornate ring with a sparkling ruby adorning it. The precious stone is marked with the Red Dutchy's crest, signifying Nilo's royal blood and heritage.
    Black Pendant Necklace - An ornate necklace with a black pendant on it. An old gift that was given to Ruga by Zinnian and in turn to Nilo on his first birthday. It signifies the connection the three had before Ruga's suicide.

    Political Achievement - Prove to his parents that he can run the Autumn Forest efficiently and make it an independent doctrine from the Red Dutchy.
    Gathering Allies - Every country has its leaders and its masters, Nilo wishes to bring great people of extraordinary talent to come to the Autumn Forest to help bolster the trade, craftsmanship, and military of his territory.
    Memorial - Ruga, despite his hatred in the Red Dutchy royalty, was an important person to Nilo and Zinnian. A memorial to honor the person he became and the achievements he achieved would be a way to finally put him to rest.
    Magical Songs - Nilo wishes to create a song for every emotion so that, if war were to ever spring up, he would be prepared to aid in any way. Sadly, creating such songs isn't an easy feat and finding inspiration is key to perfecting them.
    Secrets of the Dutchy - The Red Dutchy has many secrets even Nilo is unaware of. He wishes to uncover them and know the truth behind the terrible past the mighty Dutchy hides. With Zinnian's help, it could be possible but... Even she seems to rather keep the past in the past.


    The story of Nilo is one of much tragedy and heartache. It’s not known if any of it is true, though, it’s hypothesized that many of the tails of the auburn-eyed youth are, in fact, true. It’s left to speculation, though, whether or not his tale is accurate or the fantasies of this fantastical person.

    Nilo was said to be created in the image of a young and recently outcast Red. It’s said the intelligent young man used the remaining of his arcane power received from an unknown source to create the young, auburn-eyed boy to be his closest companion. Indeed, the two were identical in every way and shared a close bond, however, Ruga had to leave his brother for an unknown reason, and so the boy was left alone within a house far away from most civilizations. One day, he decided to explore the world in hopes of finding his brother.

    Zinnian, a shadow bound to Ruga at the time, was left to aid Nilo in his travels. The two grew close during their travels alone, coming across many diverse people that became their friends. The two eventually settled in the house of a lord in a large ancient town, Nilo becoming a housekeeper while there. It was there that the boy fell in love with an intoxicating fae that was said to seduce the boy into a strange love. He was unaware of the influence the woman had on him, still being quite young in age and experience despite his physical appearance. Zinnian didn’t interfere with the affair until the two got into an intense fight, causing Nilo to let loose the powerful magic that laid dormant within him. The intensity of his rage and the song that accompanied it were so strong it left the fae in a state of intense insanity.

    It was after this incident that the shadow switched a drink with a strong and potent amnesiac potion. The young man instantly forgot most of the events that had transpired, including his origins before becoming a housekeeper. It was said he was terrified by the presence of the kind lord and the few friends he had made there, running far away from the forest and the fairy that had tried so desperately to trap the boy with her charms.

    The young man was said to have been lost for a long time, however, he came to fall in love with a werewolf known as Ruhi. She was an outcast and hated by her family, and with Nilo’s nonexistent past, the two grew close together and decided, quite hastily, to get married. However, the day of their wedding in a small village was the day that the young man’s future wife vanished from the face of the earth. He searched far and wide for her, never to find her within his long travels. He declared her dead after years of searching, losing hope in ever seeing her again.

    In time, he became a traveling bard, wandering the world as the quiet and tragic young man. It was said wherever he went, people were spurred by the songs he played in ways they couldn't comprehend. The intense and raw emotions he sang in his songs were enough to make him a legend of sorts.

    It was through his travels across the world as a bard that he came across Evandra, a werecat with a notably sharp tongue and sass about her. The two didn’t become friends at first, being less than acquaintances at the start as he grew a more self-entitled attitude about him, said to be influenced by the shadow that accompanied him.

    Eventually, the boy would find residance within a forest. He created a small home to live in made out of the trunk of a large tree. He lived their for a while before a wolf one day found its way into his home. He was confused at first before it became painfully obvious who it was. Ruhi had found him after being kidnapped and sold into slavery miles away on another continent. She later died that day in the young man's arms. He'd burry her body within the confines of his home's roots before leaving.

    After these events, Nilo would soon come across his brother. The amnesiac potion that Zinnian had given him still coursed through his body, keeping him from knowing who his brother was. After a few days of detoxing, he would eventually come to remember his past, confusion and fear flushing his mind as he broke down in his brother's arms. The two lived together for a long time, Ruga returning the boy to a very sheltered and protected life. However, this happy time in the boy's life would soon end as Ruga would be found dead in the house; having commited suicide by hanging himself.

    Nilo was stricken with despair and sorrow so strong is sprung forth a new song that drove anything within ear shot into loud wailings. An evil family obssesed with magic heard news of this tail and quickly stole Nilo away while he and Zinnian were incapable of avoiding them. He was trained to strengthen his arcane properties and became proficient at creating music that could influence the emotions of others. In honor of these achievements, they crafted a magical harp for the boy to use, naming it Ruhindra after his late wife.

    However, the family would soon come to grow hatred towards their new prodige. They feared his powers and in doing so, tried to kill him. The assasination attempts eventually got too severe for the boy to handle, and so he fled the house hold with Zinnian late in the night. However, he would be further hunted while he went into hiding, a were cat tracking him down easily while under the cover of night. Zinnian was able to quickly and easily fend the shifter off, but not without the boy becoming infected with the shifter's curse.

    While in hiding, the boy would eventually come to become close friends with a tightly knitted group of people; Evandra, Liniel, and Arturo. Their adventures together led them to conflicts, kidnappings, marriages, proposals, and much more; leading into the present day.

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