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    Yours [Nilo's Stories] Empty Yours [Nilo's Stories]

    Post by Lost Caravan on Mon Sep 25, 2017 6:49 pm


    “Ruga, it is groaning again.”

    “Come now Zinnian, don’t be so crass. ”

    There were three people sitting within the dimly lit room. A candle glowed on a nearby table, ending amber light and shadows sprawling over the barren room’s walls. A young man groaned from a bed, covered to the neck with a thin white blanket. A man sat next to him, hunched over as he analyzed the face of the bed ridden person. He seemed curious of the person, a look of contemplation on his face before he sat back into his seat, a hand tapping his leg as he delved into deep thought.

    “Mm… Zinnian, what do you think he used to be?” he’d ask the solemn looking woman standing near the door, her visage shrouded in shadow before she reluctantly stepped out of the darkness and into the candle light. She looked disgusted down at the person, her arms crossed as she walked to the other side of the bed.

    “Before you turned it into this? He looked little more than a peasant. It probably died of hunger or some plague.” she’d say with a dismissive wave of her hand, a roll of her eyes following after she saw the sparkle in the man’s eyes.

    He was excited, enamored even. There was little he had ever done that had captivated him so. To think this came of just a whim… It became his whole reason to live. This body transformed into something new, beautiful… Something truly special in this world. He couldn’t wait to see him grow and become something special.

    “Ruga, might I ask why you care so much for it? To give up your magic for such a…” she’d trail off, looking over at her comrade with a somewhat sad look on her face. Ruga would raise his head to meet her eyes, a sigh escaping him. He’d slowly stand up and place a hand on his hip.

    That question she always asked… It started to plague him in a way he didn’t quite understand. She was right to worry, mind, but the way she worded it made it sound like he lost something precious.

    “My magic did nothing good for anyone, Zinnian. I hurt those close to me, turned them into monsters… I’m a heathen, you know.” he’d let out a sigh, crossing his arms in thought. “If I had one wish, it would be to do good to someone… I suppose this is cheating, but I did it for myself. I lost nothing but gained everything.” he’d say with a confidant smile, a sparkle in his auburn eyes that caused the dower woman to sigh.


    “I suppose if this was truly what you wished for… I do wonder how much longer this will take, though.” she’d say with an unhappy look on her face. The person bothered her greatly, it disturbed her.

    “I’m not sure. The body reconstruction was flawless, but the brain seems to be developing rather slowly. He can understand us, I think… I’m mostly sure he’s just confused and curious. He’s in no pain, at least.” he’d respond with a fond smile as he looked down at the young man in the bed. To think something so perfect could come out of something he so violently despised… It was amazing.

    “Ruga, I have… One last question.” the dower woman would say with an uncharacteristically rush to her voice. He’d look up at her, a look as if telling her to go on.

    “Why did you have to make it look like you?” she’d ask with a small frown, a hand going to cover her mouth. It made her grimace sometimes. Looking at the creature that laid in this bed… It looked like a complete copy of her beloved.

    This caused the man to stay silent, looking down at what was his face on a different body. It took him a moment to compose his thoughts, a smile on his face as he looked at his dear companion.

    “I’ve always wanted a brother.” he’d say with a childish smile, it felt a little embarrassing to say but it was the only reason he could think of at the moment and it was the only reason that felt right.

    “Such childish behavior… To think you’re a father with these goals.” she’d say with a gentle sigh, looking up at her beloved with a small smile on her face. While she wished he’d think such thoughts about their daughter, she was simply happy he could be happy.

    “I care for her too.” he’d respond with a small pout, the childishness of his action causing the dower woman to smile.


    “I suppose it wants you. I have errands to run whilst you stay locked in this room. Rio will be coming with me, so enjoy your alone time, dear.” she’d say with a small bow before she exited the room in quick strides. With the quiet clack as the door closed, and the woman’s soft steps soon disappeared, Ruga would sit down at the bed, looking down at the young man.

    “What’s it like in there? Your brain, I mean… Is it like a maze of thoughts?” Ruga would ask the young man as he leaned forward, staring into the cloudy eyes of his twin. He’d smile as the young man groaned in response, a nod signifying he understood him.

    “Do you want a name? Zinnian seems to call you ‘it’ a lot. It seems like she doesn’t see you as a person. What’s a good person name?” he’d ask with a small tilt to his head, the young man groaning in response as if on cue.

    “What about Nilo? It doesn’t sound like a Red’s name at all. I think it fits you perfectly. Though, it’d be heresy to name you ‘Nilo Red…’ Oh, what about Lockwood? It might be a commoner’s name but what better way to hide you? Nilo Lockwood… I like it, you?” the young man would groan in response, a glint appearing in his eyes. The fog seemed to soften in his eyes, a smile crossing Ruga’s face.

    “Nilo Lockwood… What a wonderfully perfect name for my little brother. One day, I want you to live a wonderful life. But for now, rest.” he’d say with a small nod of his head, the young man groaning gently as if in response. He’d close his eyes as he fell asleep.

    Ruga would smile happily, leaning back in his seat with a content sigh. He felt happy when he could talk to him. Zinnian heard groans but he heard whole conversations. He adored the creature he helped create, and it made him happy knowing he could create something pure and perfect out of something chaotic and wrong.

    “You are mine, and I am yours… My dear brother, I’ll never leave you.”

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