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    Heresy - The Effects of a Broken Soul


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    Heresy - The Effects of a Broken Soul Empty Heresy - The Effects of a Broken Soul

    Post by LSG_Amarra on Thu Feb 18, 2016 10:06 pm

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    Black Magic, The Forbidden Spells, Broken Souls, Tainted Mana. Whatever name you call it, it stays constant. Heresy is the use of magic that breaks the natural limit of physical manifestation. The knowledge of such distorted casting leads to spells that cause a mage to do things one should physically not be able to do; such as raising the dead, trying to obtain power beyond the limitation of a mortal soul, casting spells any mage of the same level would never be able to cast, or trying to control another’s actions or thoughts.

    Many who cast such abhorrent spells cannot do so as easily as normal magics; this is due to the limits of their souls shattering, and mana being scattered and unfocused within the mage. Normal magic is cast by a focus and release system, but heresy has to be honed further. Many spells need physical items; tomes, rituals, physical totems or magical or enchanted items, and most dramatically a use of flesh or even bloodshed. It always takes a toll on the body and mind of someone who casts a heretical spell, possibly injuring or killing the mage.

    Effects on the Soul:

    Heretics are always harmed in some way by casting magic. It can be physical or mental harm, ranging from mild discomfort to extreme pain and death. It has also been observed of their spells permanently warping their appearance, and many go mad after so long of the limits of their soul being shattered.

    Due to the breaking of limitations, heretics have a deeper mana pool to draw from. They can cast bigger, more demanding spells, at the risk of hurting or killing themselves. It is also rumored that they have no place in the afterlife, and in the end, their soul gets destroyed.

    Casting Method:

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