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    Núroranda - The Heresy Wars


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    Núroranda - The Heresy Wars Empty Núroranda - The Heresy Wars

    Post by LSG_Amarra on Fri Feb 12, 2016 4:06 pm

    Núroranda - The Heresy Wars Utopia10

    There was once a world without black magic. It wasn’t calm, it was not peaceful, the world never was--and never will be. But it was simpler. More kind.

    People began to shift… Magic vibrated in the air. Something was amiss, yet no one could pinpoint why, or how...

    Núroranda - The Heresy Wars Bloodh10

    Blood was spilled and the soul was split by a mage. He wished for Godhood, and he had gotten barely a taste before his craving grew ever stronger. Slowly, silently, he gained a following and set his eyes upon the capital of the world.There were more and more rumors of people being slaughtered in the night, found with little to no wounds on their bodies. He roamed among the people, unbeknownst to those around him his evil plot.

    Núroranda - The Heresy Wars Qwerty10

    He destroyed the doors to the palace, and with dark magic, he boiled the blood of everyone in the room. The horrific screaming echoed through the streets. With the power given to him by his dark magic and his followers, he bound the souls of the city to his will. The people of the capital were now slaves.

    People fell at his feet in fear of their lives; Now their souls could be stolen and used for evil. They were used as puppets -- Their blood bound them to him, like a marionette on stage, and him, The Puppet Master. His followers trained in his dark arts, learning many spells and twisting them to their delight.

    Núroranda - The Heresy Wars Dystop10

    As the cities around started rising up against him, even more quickly did they fall. His followers grew in number, as did the influence he had in the world. Soon, there were few places left his reach didn’t taint. Rebellions were crushed in mere days. Cities were razed. Races were extinguished. There was no hope. The world was now enslaved. He ruled without question and without challenge for many years, extending his life with the souls he stole.

    One day, many millennia after the fall of the Capital, a hero arose amongst the people. He could no longer watch those around him suffer. He was pure, and that alone could defeat The Dark Master's followers, and hopefully, the Master himself. He slaughtered those who practiced dark magic and began freeing the slaves of the Master.

    Núroranda - The Heresy Wars Knight10

    He confronted the Master with an army at his side, clothed in white and stained with the blood of his followers. A great battle lasted for ten days as they clashed over and over; Dark against Light, Good versus Evil, Order and Chaos. He destroyed the Dark Master in a great beam of white light.

    Núroranda - The Heresy Wars Light10

    The Spell was broken. He broke the people of the dark magic and returned to them their freedom. The world was once more in peace, but now darkness lingered. The Dark Master had given the world a horrid curse; the knowledge of evil magic, able to bend the world to one’s will. His followers still roam the earth, learning his teachings and spreading them to other students.

    So much information and knowledge had been lost, along with the great cities that once were. There were only a few places that survived. It took long to cleanse the world of his taint, and even still it lingers. Even the places least touched still reel from the darkness. But the world moves on and the War becames a legend.

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