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    Ledra- The City of Peace(Heavy WIP)


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    Ledra- The City of Peace(Heavy WIP) Empty Ledra- The City of Peace(Heavy WIP)

    Post by Cat on Sat Feb 27, 2016 10:15 pm

    The Neutral City
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    Nestled in the northern tip of the _____ Mountain range of Cronane, bordering the sea on the northern coast, Ledra is a very distant city, both in location and politics. Its back to the mountains, sides to the plainland, and a side to the sea, Ledra is a hive of scholars and mages in many countries. The clean, stone built city is small for a city, but still bustling with life.

    This city’s structure is loosely woven along the mountain foothills, with much greenery and foliage among the streets. The clean, stone architectural design is carved neatly with a slight Elvish twist. And while Elves are considered the dominant race in this city, many other races mingle among them. As it is neutral ground, this city is also a central for learning and art. They hold  massive library and a cathedral among their city limits. Scholars, mages, and healers travel from many areas to come to this location of study and art.

    Inhabitants vary greatly in size and shape, and while being in Cronane leaves the population predominantly human, many Elves have taken refuge in this city, as it is much like a home-away from home. Only the more primitive races are lesser seen within these walls.

    And while they are of peace, guards are commonly seen, in full armor, milling about the streets with a watchful eye. They are quick to resolve fights and cast out the wrong doers. Because one cannot have peace without enforcing it. They have a firm justice system, though they would rather cast out the evil than to punish it severely there-- as they do remain neutral. Many seek out this city as a harbor from the law, but while Ledra wishes to offer peace to all, known criminals cannot be harbored within their walls beyond one week.


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