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    Erren Ancalen- Sanctuary Ruins[WIP]


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    Erren Ancalen- Sanctuary Ruins[WIP] Empty Erren Ancalen- Sanctuary Ruins[WIP]

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    Erren Ancalen
    The Ruined Sanctuary

    Erren Ancalen- Sanctuary Ruins[WIP] Cdf1e3343d21c1f79b69d4e211d7302f


    Erren Ancalen- Sanctuary Ruins[WIP] 246cd84575f074806dc60e00c6301a4a

    In the depths of the eastern forests of Cronane, deep beneath the canopy of dense leaves and thick growth, an old civilization still survives. Many claim that nothing but ghosts haunt those cursed depths by the flitting shadows and the luminescent eyes; but even those haunting sights are proof of a frightening inhabitant deep within.


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    Erren Ancalen- Sanctuary Ruins[WIP] F78ab60b5344d6b4ec4c30b55f26a18b


    Erren Ancalen- Sanctuary Ruins[WIP] 669210ed35b3531c04689d135e889685
    The head of the family rules this sanctuary by his will and the path set by his fathers before him. His word is law, and those who deviate or disobey are punished with a severity judged by his discernment; from extra labor to infliction of pain, the punishment varies greatly in deliverance. The highest form of punishment is banishment- only sentenced in the worst of times.


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    Religion is a vague word to the Ancalen dwellers, as most of them forsook the 'religion' of the past: their brutish, feral ways. After secluding themselves, they focused greatly on peace, knowledge, and nature. They are entirely devoted to self controlled behavior, and go through painstaking procedures to teach their young the peace of nature. They have much forgotten the Elven origin: the Creator of them all, and have fallen into the worship of knowledge and self, and nature.

    They believe that nature- the forests, the trees, all life- is the ultimate pursuit of peace. They secluded themselves in this peaceful place to overcome their feral desires of flesh and blood, to become creatures of peace and superiority to their kind. They wanted power over their circumstance. Power over their curse.

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