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    Cries for Help - Wip maybe


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    Cries for Help - Wip maybe Empty Cries for Help - Wip maybe

    Post by LSG_Amarra on Sat Sep 30, 2017 2:28 am

    "My Lady." Her advisor bowed before his queen. He tried his best to hide the expression on his face, but he could only hope she didn't notice. "I have word back from His Majesty, King Cosworth."

    She didn't move when she spoke; The room was filled with the light sound of her voice, so calm and motherly. "Please share, Falegor, my friend. How long until they can send aid...?" His hands started to shake behind his back. He was afraid to speak, that he would expose himself with how shaky his voice would be. It only worsened when she straightened in her throne. "They cannot..." The warmth left her as she hissed the words.

    He had to tell her. "The Human nations... have refused our request for aid. They-They... fear that Xynnar would take advantage of the distraction, and attack them." His voice echoed in the silent air. She did not move, or speak, or even react. "His Majesty, King Cosworth sends his deepest, most sincere apologies, but he cannot risk his people being murdered and possibly sold as slaves-"

    The entire room flinched as she howled in rage, snapping up from her chair. "They cannot...!" For a moment, she had shown too much. She took a breath and pulled back her emotions, and once more, she was the Elven Queen. "Send a message to His Majesty... If He can send aid, I will deal with Xynnar myself."

    "Yes, my Queen, right away." He bowed and sprinted from the room so that her order could be fulfilled as soon as possible.

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