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    =Sparrow Rose Lachlan=


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    =Sparrow Rose Lachlan=  Empty =Sparrow Rose Lachlan=

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    =Sparrow Lachlan=
    =Sparrow Rose Lachlan=  SB0FS8r
    "Life without the risk and danger would simply not be living; don't you think?
    If you risk nothing, you will remain in the same place you were before. You will gain nothing."

    Name Meaning: Little bird
    Birthdate: Ellairë 49th
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human-Innis
    Height: 5'2"
    Weight: 125

    Appearance: Sparrow is short, perky, and usually on the go. She has long, stick straight dark hair, cut haphazardly, perhaps by herself. She is naturally pale, and doesn't tan well. Freckles dot her face, accentuating her mischievous green eyes. She is neither thin nor thick, but somewhere in the middle. She doesn't look very strong, and she easily gets out of breath; so to some, she seems sickly. With her given features, and light accent, she is clearly from Innisfail or surrounding regions.

    Wardrobe: Sparrow likes to feel pretty, as she asserts every other girl could attest to, and she certainly has her own style. Dresses, sweaters, and scarves, and tall outlandishly colored socks are ever-present. She loves to dress in layers, so one may see her in two outfits in the same day. She comes from a colder climate, so she typically wears a rather plain dress, knee-high lace up boots(her favorites~) a pretty knitted sweater, a red scarf, and sometimes a hat; which always seems to be a different color.

    Personal Belongings:

    Personality: [ENTP] Sparrow makes up for her lack of size in her dramatic flair and love for adventure. She prefers to be 'mysterious' and delights in puzzles of every sort. A competition is a welcome challenge. Life is challenge that she has decided to conquer. To understand the confusing: delight. Her analytical mind is always on the move. She is either highly observant, or misses her surroundings entirely. She is usually good at reading people, but not with reading emotions.
       While Sparrow is sweet, likable, and very clever, she also tends to be quite eccentric and a bit arrogant at times. Her peculiarities include: rarely giving strangers her given name(she says Sparrow is a boring name?), disappearing for hours on end(where does that girl go?), ranting in foreign languages, noticing things no-one else does, and carrying all sorts of volatile objects in her satchel.

    "Everything is figure-out-able."

    Raised by her parents to always be respectful, polite, and courteous, Sparrow has solid upbringing, and if shows in her day-to day life. Everything happens for a reason, and that reason is governed by unseen forces. And while that may lead her to thinking that if bad befalls someone, they must have done wrong, Sparrow is quite the opposite. Captured by pirates? This is her chance to show them a better way. Plagued with sickness? This is her time to shine, and show the world that those who are ill are just as competent as the physically sound. Everything happens for a reason, and the reasons are to sharpen you into a better person. She has faith that in the end, all will be well.

    Surrounded by highly superstitious Innis-folk has brought her to realize that there aren't 'bad omens' and 'curses.' Just the will of the free and the mind of the brave. She believes that the world she dwells in was created, for how could something so magnificent not be? However, with swirling rumors of 'gods' and fairies from Innisfail, Sparrow knows that at least, is not what is true. Part of her journey is inspired by her search for truth. Ordovean law affects too much of their beliefs, and the people are miserable: ergo, Sparrow paid little heed to that either. But common Elvish belief in a Creator of the world, their reasons to oft revere the created world so, has enticed her.  

    Occupation: Adventurer, self-proclaimed scholar, former librarian, former chart-reader, Dock-worker translator, and current vagabond
    Residence: None, Formerly Greymerrow
    Known Languages: Common, Innis, (Ancient)Dwarvish, and a smattering of Elvish(mostly greetings)

    * Learn Elvish
    * Find Master Montgomery
    * Research strange phenomena:
    Shapeshifters, the relations of Fae myths and Innisfail, mermaids, astrology, plants of Northern Cronane, easily acquired poisons, chemical composites of acid... etc.  
    * Follow present day pirate slave-trader rumors: find Mark
    * Explore the ancient dwarvish ruin in Meermost mountains
    * Gain access to magical knowledge(One of the schools of magic??)
    * Somehow, either by science, magic, or a combination, Sparrow will fly
    * Learn Lasmairan desert dialect(Orc-ish?)
    * Travel to Zikrus




    Bowen Lachlan - Father: She loves her dear Papa greatly, and most of her life has been shaped by his steady, supportive influence.
    Alouette Lachlan - Mother: More than anyone else in the world, Alouette has been Sparrow's greatest help. Growing up in a household of boys, Sparrow needed that strong motherly influence in her life. Much of her flair for dramatics and beauty comes from her mother.
    Gawain Lachlan - Oldest Brother:
    Gabriel Lachlan - Brother:
    Adrian Lachlan - Brother:
    Cooper Lachlan- Brother:


    Oliver Meren - Fellow Nerd:

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