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    Post by LSG_Amarra on Sat Mar 26, 2016 10:52 pm

    Happy Endings Blah10

    ~The Happy Ending Alternate Universes~
    -The Butterfly Effect-

    I've had this idea for a while, and I've mentioned it before, but the idea is growing bored while stuck inside my head. I often wonder how to change my characters; how I can make their stories better, how I could have done things differently, or how I could alter everything completely with a single change.

    This one falls in the lattermost category. I think of the Butterfly Effect, and try to find it in everyday life. A moment where everything could have been completely different if we hadn't stopped to tie our shoe, or if we had had water instead of coffee, or if we had taken that class instead of the other one. Maybe everything could have gone horrifically wrong; maybe if you hadn't stopped to tie your show, you would have met the love of your life, or if you had ordered water instead of coffee you wouldn't have had a heart attack. Or everything could go wonderfully right; maybe if you hadn't stopped to pick up that newspaper, you wouldn't have seen the article that changed your life and viewpoint on the world.

    In any case, I've found a few instances like that in my three adult main characters. Amarra, Liniel, Katrina. Raina's six, she doesn't count (though that's a whole other post for another day).

    Happy Endings Am10
    *Amarra Zailin:

    Butterfly Effect Event: Amarra was never attacked.

    That fateful night, Amarra was never watched, nor attacked, by Herost. She went on to find her father without a single scratch. She never had Liniel, but she lived a much more peaceful life.

    While her mother continued to push for her to learn combat, she continued to create dresses for many years, until she was well known for her craft. She met a young man who asked her to make the perfect dress, with little direction or specification - claiming that she was the expert and that he wanted to see the best of what she could make with her opinion alone.

    He came in often, barely saying a word as she worked. When she finished, she had created a long, draping ballgown in a deep blue, and hand embroidered and sewn beading in swirling, sweeping designs. He paid for the dress and then gave it back to her. He wanted her to have it so that one day she could present her designs to the Monarchy while looking just as beautiful.

    They fell in love, and she learned that he was part of the High Elven council. When they married, she took a seat of power as a voice of reason between the often bickering groups. She sought for peace and understanding.

    She never left Estëmen, and thus, her siblings lived. She never had Liniel, but she had two boys, whom she taught to be kind and understanding. She passed away in old age, surrounded by family.

    She would never meet Evandra, Issac, Nilo, Art, etc.

    Happy Endings Kat10
    *Katrina Bryce:

    Butterfly Effect Event: Cassius was not thrown overboard.

    Other Options:
    I had another idea, but due to the fact that I'm still working on her backstory before Cassius and that it's something I want everyone to find out in RP, I chose this one. I might add the other one later.

    Ralof was found to be a traitor on a stormy night after an attempt on the captain's life and was sent to the brig until he could be dealt with properly. Katrina continued to be raised as a noble by Cassius, until one day they abandoned the Don of the Triad. He used his former nobility and his contacts to allow her to live the life that was taken from him, and cleansed the smuggling and pirate past that he never wished for from their lives.

    Katrina broke social norms, being outspoken and confident amongst timid women. She fought against corrupt powers in high ranks, starting with the local patrols of soldiers. Eventually, her tenacity and desire for justice landed her the position of General of The New Adriellian Navy. She retook the Don and added it to the fleet, refusing to sail on any other ship. Some of her previous crew stayed with her, including Gael and Gavin.

    She never married, and never had children. She died in a great battle, taking the full brunt of a canon shot, at the age of 52. An orphanage was opened in her name to keep children off the streets, fed, and happy.

    She would never meet Quincy, Gabe, Sparrow, or Zavie.

    Happy Endings Lele10

    Butterfly Effect Event: Her mother stayed and she had a father.

    Liniel has the biggest changes, being given a whole new personality and outlook. Liniel was a happy child, taught kindness and love from her mother while her father taught her about the world. She grew up with a much softer personality, thought Toma still stole her away for fun. Due to the lack of Lycanthrope, she was much less prone to rage, and was a much more chipper person. Actual punishment and parenting taught her to keep the snark to herself and to be more responsible.

    Her father was everything she wanted to be, and he taught her how to be a fighter but retain mercy for those she battled. Strangely enough, alongside fighting, she danced in the theater to appease her mother's request for an activity that was less violent. With the split attention, she never became well known for either, instead taking up a few jobs; one as a translator on the docks, another as a runner for packages and messages, as her mother's assistant when needed, and yet another as a baker's assistant - which ended quickly once a few mini-cakes went "missing".

    She never married, but she had a few on-again-off-again relationships throughout her life. She traveled often, meaning she didn't have time for it anyway. She saw sights she could have only dreamed of, met strange people, and ate as much food as she could. She died in a far off city while saving a young girl from a group of thugs taking advantage of the chaos of a nearby battle. She was returned to her city and buried by her family.

    She would never meet Evandra, Nilo, Art, Etc.
    She would never meet Paul, and never learn magic.

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    Post by Cat on Sun Mar 27, 2016 10:11 pm

    Happy Endings Acee927d350a56d583623fb57ebbe0c1
    *Evandra Tanalramae:
    Butterfly Effect Event: She was never lost as a child

    Born and raised deep within the Werecat sanctuary, the Etchdar attack never drove Raeneth from her beloved home. Her mother never died at the hand of the Lycanthropes. She was raised by her loving mother and father, and all seven older siblings. She grew into an elegant and powerful young woman, harnessing both her animal gifts and her telepathy, trained by her father in the tedious arts of the mind.

    She eventually befriended a nearby community with her brother Lochannar, bridging the gap between the two races, the age-old enmity between the superstitious Humans and the Shifters. She was the mediator between her father and the people, and they eventually made peace; despite the looming threat of the Silver Brand.

    Several years later, Evandra fell in love with a Human. Despite various conflicts, they eventually married and raised a family on a local ranch. They had around sixty long years of marriage before he died, leaving his ranch to his still very young wife; who, while having expected this for a long time, was left with a big hole in her heart. And to fill this void, this meaningless to her life, she turned to the oppression of her kind: the Silver Brand.

    For years they had slaughtered and hunted the Shifters, but no longer. With her children now at risk, she stepped forward, gathered allies, and began worming her way into the system. They fought from within, turning the minds of the people(both with word of mouth and in words in minds) and even infiltrating Reyon and the Brand itself, all against the killing of the so-called monsters.

    And after decades of work, it finally paid off. Evandra lived the rest of her days, watching her grandchildren and great-grandchildren grow and prosper, an almost ageless being in a bloodline of now almost pure human. She never re-married. She died of old age, surrounded by her massive family.

    She never met Nilo, Amarra, Liniel, Isacc, or Arturo, but she became a good friend of the Aydelore family, and many many others.

    Happy Endings 29dd2a38df9951d51880418dff897446
    *Quincy Maye Flynn
    Butterfly Effect Event: Her father adores her

    Quincy Maye Flynn, fifth descendant of Diarmait Flynn, daughter of kings and warlords, was never mistreated as a child. Never beaten, never held to the strictest rule. Her boisterous attitude was bolstered and trained, her fury fastened in a blade. Her wit captured in clever politics. As she grew, there was always some pourning knowledge and wisdom into her head: teaching her strategies, swordplay, horseback riding, dancing, and social graces.

    She soon outwitted her father and overtook the throne; she was a natural leader, and Innisfail adored her. She was strong, fierce, and independent. What the very heart of their kingdom needed. During her reign she expanded their land to more than twice the size, taking all of the moorland for Innisfail, even down unto the lakes of Greenholde.

    She later married an Innis Warlord after he defeated her in a tournament, winning her hand in marriage. She spent her last days a very happy woman with many children, and bountiful kingdom, and many wars to fight. She was bloodthirsty and ruthless to her enemies, and had few friends outside of the Innisfail borders, save for those she forced into submission, both those were hardly friends. War was all glory for the Innis, and her reign was a shining star in their long history.

    She never murdered Cahir, and was never betrothed to Ferris. She never met Katrina and shared pirate adventures with her and Zavie.
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    Post by Lost Caravan on Mon Mar 28, 2016 9:16 am

    Happy Endings Bhwumdp

    Ruga Red:
    Butterfly Effect - Ruga never left the Stones

    Ruga would've never left the Stones, his first adopted family and the only one he truly loved. He would've never regained his memories of the Reds and would have never found out about his dark heritage. He would never have developed a burdening complex and never had left the Stones.

    Ruga would grow up alongside his human family, aging slower than them but staying a loved and adored child. Noah Stone, his father, would train him in sword fighting and his natural affinity towards fire magic would lead him to become quite the hero within his home town. He'd eventually out live his father though, and once the tearful good bye ended, the now grown Ruga would set off too adventure the land.

    Ruga would go on to live hero's life, gaining Noah's honor and valor through his training with him. He'd eventually settle down within a small and quiet town, becoming the guard captain to keep the town safe from bandits and wild beasts. He'd eventually die old and happy, living a fruitful life. He never got married besides his numerous admirers and only adopted one son to train him in the same way his father did.

    Ruga would have never met Evandra, Amarra or Isaac. He would have never accepted Zinnian as family and never found out about his true heritage. He would have never created Nilo and never had birthed Rio.
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    Post by Lost Caravan on Sat Jun 18, 2016 5:16 pm

    Happy Endings 0BVfU2i

    Zavie Bryce

    Butterfly Effect - Zavie never left Ankha

    This story isn't happy, nor is it a route that Zavie would normally go down. However, due to the fact this one moment in Zavie's life dictates his happiness over despair, I found it a necessary addition to this page. Lives can change from a happy ending to a bad one in the blink of an eye, and for Zavie, no other words speak truer than those.

    Upon giving the opportunity to escape, Zavie wouldn't take it and in turn would turn his fellow slave into his mistress's authority. This unbelievable act of loyalty led Ankha's family to take note of the slave boy. Her immense affection for the gypsy youth seemed well placed as time moved forward.

    Zavie would have never been transfigured either, Ankha not needing to change the boy's appearance to please her father and siblings. Instead, once they both reached thirteen, the two would wed. Ankha would then set her sights on assassinating each of her siblings, leading up to the poisoning of her father, ascending to the throne of the immense slavery organization left to her by her dying father. She'd live a glamorous life, becoming an ever stronger magician in the dark arts. She would eventually delve into heresy and transform the slave organization into an underworld power than had roots across the nation.

    Zavie, on the other hand, would stay ever present by his wife's side. He would never lead a life that amounted to anything other than the petty slave boy that was used explicitly for Ankha's pleasure. No one ever doubted the two's love, as Ankha had met the brink of death on multiple occasions protecting her lover. It was forever unknown whether or not Zavie truly loved his mistress, but when Ankha's horrible empire finally was at its end, it's said that Zavie left his mistress's side in her time of need and was never seen again.

    Zavie would have never met Katarina unless she was tasked with killing him in this time line. He would have never met Quincy unless she was tasked with killing him in this time line. He would live a lonely life and would become a forgotten figure in history, his fate unknown too the world. Forgotten by all.

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