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    Felicity Shade

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    Felicity Shade

    Felicity Shade MyJZl4o

    "The world can be dark, but there's never only one shade of black."


    Birth Name: Felicity Shade
    Titles: Wandering Shade, Master Puppeteer

    Race: Shadow
    Gender: Female
    Age: 56
    Birth Day: Furinasta 22

    Place of Residence: Iclea, Island of Shadows

    Occupation: Puppeteer, Entertainer, Aspiring Spy Master

    Height: 5' 10''
    Weight: 125 lbs.

    Felicity appears as a young woman with long, raven black hair reaching down below her shoulders. She has deathly pale skin and covers most of her body up with a long trench coat and long dresses. She is commonly seen wearing a rather fancy hat along with a long-beaked mask, similar to a plague doctors. She rarely shows her face, but underneath the mask are a pair of dazzling blue eyes common amongst the Shades along with the typical high cheekbones, curved nose, and small lips.

    Felicity Shade is an oddity when it comes to the family name, a curious and strange personality that wishes to explore more of the world and witness what truly goes on within it. She has met disapproval from her grandparents and aunt, but she has paid them no mind even with their constant rebukes against her.

    She's a strange being to come across, a mask on her face to cover what she believes isn't important. She cares not for looks, personalities, or even royal blood. She deems a person worthy based on their actions alone and that is all she views people as.

    Since growing up in a very sheltered house with her father, she isn't very mindful of the common interactions between people. This has gotten her into trouble on multiple outings she's done in the nearby Red Dutchy villages and towns, people coming to label her as a witch and most unwelcome site.

    She has grown an interest in puppeteering and has become adept at creating and controlling many stringed puppets. She has outfitted a lot of them with knives for unknown reasons, apparently seeing them as more intimidating and intriguing in performances with bladed weapons on them. It's thought she uses them in battle but she's a born pacifist as most would come to find out.

    Aside from this is her intense interest in shadows and the secrets the Shades keep. She spends most of her time near the giant vortex of energy that leaks out the shadow energy on Iclea, often times catching some of the beasts that slip out into the world.

    Fluffy - Felicity's favorite stringed doll handcrafted when she was little. It has patchwork and obviously questionable design choices with the head, but she adores it and always carries it with her. The size is quite daunting compared to most puppets, standing about roughly two feet in height. Like most of her dolls, it's outfitted with knives for hands and the teeth poking out of its head are made out of razor sharp metal. Not a toy that kids should hug, to say the least.

    Shade Emblem - A necklace all Shades wear and keep around their necks. It has the royal Shade insignia on it and has an almost sinister atmosphere about it. Many are unaware of the Shade family name, though, so most find it a creepy amulet.

    Uncovering Secrets - The Shades are full of secrets and carry about them a most sinister story. It would only make sense for the curious girl to want to uncover such secrets.

    Master Puppeteer - All entertainers can improve in one way or the other and Felicity is no exception. Except, how she wishes to improve is a tad different than most people. She wishes to find a way to utilize her inherent magical abilities to create something truly breathtaking for her shows.

    Master of Spies - Felicity has always wished to reach for extremely high goals and find ways to better her natural abilities. What better way than to become the Spy Master of some country or organization that could utilize her skills well? She has no real connection currently, though, so creating a network of trustworthy allies is crucial to her success.

    Cunning Shadows - The beasts that fall out of the tear to the shadow realm is similar to that of a tear that leads to the fae realm. Raw energy and power leak out and along with it, strange beings from that realm. Felicity is an idealist and even if most are mindless beasts, she doesn't believe that her fellow shadows aren't capable of something truly cunning.

    Current Connections:

    "A Spy Master needs her connections..."

    Louis Carter - A florist living within the castle town of the Red Dutchy. She is surprisingly well connected despite her rather humble position in the wealthy society. Her main role is a means of rumor gathering and spreading for Felicity if needed.

    Rika Dark - A member of the Dark family, a lower-ranking family of shadows that can take on human-isk form but are dull-witted and have very minimal mental capabilities. They serve the Shades as their primary servants. Rika has show promise, though, and has gone about gathering information for Felicity in regards to the Shades. She is Felicity's personal maid and can be used to gather secrets from within any establishment Felicity is currently in.


    "This is the start of something great..."

    Felicity utilizes the shadow beasts that spill out of the shadow rift as a means to further her own goals. She has tirelessly tried to train them to become more than mindless beasts, but the saying 'can't teach an old dog new tricks' is very present in her efforts. So far, Felicity has only been able to train one such beast she has dubbed as a Familiar; a shadow beast that has gained enough intelligence to hold loyalty towards another being.

    Felicity Shade YkIwNXx


    A bat like beast with a skull for a head. It has large ears capable of hearing sounds from far distances as well as quieter sounds that most couldn't hear. Like most shadow beasts, it can possess the shadow of an object and control it to do its bidding. Felicity is currently training it to try and control Fluffy for her during performances.

    Outside of flight and keen hearing, Rorark holds no further unique abilities other shadow beasts don't already have.


    Immediate Family

    Arzhel Shade - Father "You really are your father's daughter, hm."
    Xirsa Shade - Grandmother "A disgrace just like your father."
    Zathix Shade - Grandfather "Your interest in the world will destroy you."
    Zinnian Shade - Aunt "You have so much promise... It is a pity you waste it so."


    Louis Carter - Informant and Friend "Oh dear... You've gone and made me worry again!"
    Rika Dark - Maid "I am here to serve, Felicity."


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