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    Missing Persons...?


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    Missing Persons...? Empty Missing Persons...?

    Post by LSG_Amarra on Thu Nov 16, 2017 11:52 pm

    It was whispered in the slums of cities where Slavery is abolished; Where their intolerance for inhumane thinking was their pride, and the number of people slowly disappearing would soon be their downfall.

    It was screamed in the streets, and yet no one could hear them inside their walls, behind their rose-tinted windows overlooking their beautiful cities.

    It was spoken about as if that time had passed, and they thanked their gods that everyone was so fortunate that the brutality of such hideous barbarians was cleansed from the world.

    Nobles laughed at the concept. Who cared for servants? Who noticed when another homeless person left? Better for them, no longer having to see their faces and hear their begging.

    Slowly - ever slowly - There were less and less faces to complain about. That was good, wasn't it?

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