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    Estëmen - Way of Tranquility


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    Estëmen - Way of Tranquility Empty Estëmen - Way of Tranquility

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    The Way of Tranquility

    Estëmen - Way of Tranquility Esteme10


    Tucked away in the ancient forest, Estëmen stands tall. Part of the Elven Empire during Istaranda, it was a haven to those who sought to forget about the world. The city avoided the wars and battles, being protected by the trees, and stayed secluded.

    While other cities were often typed based on their population, Estëmen is sectioned off for all types of the Elven people. The lower portion, closest to the forest that surrounds the city, is the wood elf district. There are few buildings in this district, and barely even a road, but it is home to thousands of people. Famously, in the south-western part of the district, Loaenda (Blooming Heart) rests. The Garden is home to beautiful flowers, trickling streams, and places to relax and reflect.

    Wood Elf District:

    Estëmen - Way of Tranquility Wood_h10 Estëmen - Way of Tranquility Outsid10 Estëmen - Way of Tranquility Pit10 Estëmen - Way of Tranquility Stone_10 Estëmen - Way of Tranquility Bridge10 Estëmen - Way of Tranquility More_p10


    The next level above, being accessed by numerous staircases around the city, is the High Elf district. This area is built from pure white marble, accented with pale colors and stained glass.

    Dark Elf distric, noble distric, Royal castle WIP

    Estëmen - Way of Tranquility Bsdjsb10

    Estëmen's history has been hard and long won. It was one of the only cities to stay free during the Heresy Wars, but it was the last to open their gates to foreigners. For two thousand years, Estëmen stayed at peace. Their military stayed vigilant and acted quickly, often times without bothering many of the civilians.

    Recent Events:

    Estëmen - Way of Tranquility Burnin10

    However, within the last year, Estëmen has fallen into chaos. Blood ran thick through the streets as the city folk were attacked. Thalia Aenelis traveled the city with the intent to cause as much chaos as possible upon the tranquil people.

    Innocents were murdered. People rioted in the streets. The guards were overwhelmed and evacuated the people before retreating to the safety of the castle. For weeks, there was nothing but bloodshed in the once pure city.

    And then it was over. A stray arrow caught the villain between the eyes and her followers fled. The city was finally silent.

    It took months to fix the damage, not only to the city, but it's people as well. Many families refused to leave their homes once they returned while those that did venture out were quick to return. Guards were never posted alone, and they were run ragged with the hours they worked trying to prevent another attack. The guards no longer look at their charges with trust. Everyone is suspicious. anyone could be a possible enemy, no one felt safe any longer.

    The Tranquil City was no longer.

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