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    ~ Quincy R. Flynn ~ (WIP)


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    ~ Quincy R. Flynn ~ (WIP) Empty ~ Quincy R. Flynn ~ (WIP)

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    ~ Quincy R. Flynn ~ (WIP) A0894a86d90e3fa4f18f8748b60a58ab
    Quincy R. Flynn

    "Actually, I can."

    Nationality: Innisfail - Human
    Birthdate: Yávanlú 7th
    Age: 21
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 140

    Appearance: Anyone who mistakes her for a commoner would be foolish, regardless of dress: this woman holds herself tall and strong, a certain swagger to all her movements. Her hair, long, red, and worn loose, catches attention as she enters a room. Eyes of a soft brown color, once might think of a sweet innocent girl with the large, wide eyed look-- but not to be fooled, this woman holds enough bitterness in her soul to kill a man. Her pale complexion is dotted with freckles, framing her smirking lips. And yet, despite the captivating features, she holds the strength of a warrior.  

    Wardrobe: "Dressed to kill" as she likes to say. Quincy wears fitted, dark tunics, trousers, and a mismatched array of leather armor. With a hefty dose of wear and tear, she fits in the the general populace. Her boots, however worn, appear to be of fine quality, as if they been snatched right from the feet of a noble. Nearly always donning gloves, and ofttimes a cloak, she carries an air of mystery.
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    As an accomplished thief, she acquired a noblewoman's gown, which she occasionally dons for infiltration, manipulation, or just for fun. Her skills in disguise and deception, coupled with a stolen costume, lead her to information privy to few.

    Personality: [ESTP] Always on the move, analyzing, deciphering, and acting, Quincy is always on top of things. She a straight forward, hands-on learner, and prefers to get to the heart of the matter quickly. She's a gregarious sort, and loves to be in the spotlight. Pleasant, chatty, and a bit flirty, Quincy easily gets along with a crowd. She is, however, incredibly selfish, caring only for herself and her finances. She dons a different 'mask' for every occasion. The Bard mask: delightful, attractive, flighty, and somewhat inept. The assassin mask: calloused, cruel, and confident. Rarely does one see behind the masks.

    Occupation: Mercenary, assassin, bard
    Residence: Abandoned farmhouse in the wilds of Greenholde/Unknown
    Known Languages: Common, Innis, Dwarven, a smattering of Ledran Elvish

    Goals: (WIP)
    * Leave Cronane
    * Establish herself as a feared figure
    * Stabilize finances
    * Get a better hideout
    * Obtain a nicer bow

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