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    Training Begins(Gabriel backstory)


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    Training Begins(Gabriel backstory) Empty Training Begins(Gabriel backstory)

    Post by DaBowlOfSoup on Sat Sep 30, 2017 3:21 pm

    Training Begins

    The sun, just barely visible now peaked over the horizon and shone an auburn color down upon  Gabriel's youthful face.The sky was crystal clear without a cloud in sight, in  the sea ships sailed to and from the nearby port. This was home for Gabe, the smell of saltwater and the sound of waves crashing against the rough sand. He sat leaning against a rock near shore watching the calm evening waves roll softly in and then get drawn back out again into the open ocean. In his hands he grasped a large book, the title inscripted in elegant lettering read “Tales of a Pirate Vol 2.” His eyes grazed over the pages of the book, shining with a glint. “One day i’ll get out of here and sail the seas, like all the great pirates.” he smiled and stood up, placing his hands firmly on his hips. “Gabriel Lachlan! Captain of the greatest ship to ever sail!” he shouted into the empty air, smiling proudly.

    From behind the rocks Gabriel had been leaning on multiple giggles echoed out. Gabriel whipped around, turning red at the sight of three boys coming out from behind the rock pile. The three boys were tall and slender all holding an assortment of rocks and sticks, walking towards Gabriel the boy in the middle spoke out “Captain of the greatest ship to ever sail!” he said mockingly. “What a joke!” the boy to the left chimed in. “l-l-leave me..a..alone.” Gabriel stuttered, struggling to form words. He slowly backed up until he reached the shoreline where the waves slipped past his feet, leaving him with a cold sensation in his toes.

    The boy in the middle approached Gabriel with a menacing grin, holding his stick like a bat. Swiftly he swung the stick for the jaw of Gabriel. The stick connected hard and direct, sending Gabe down to the sand, face first. He cried and dug his fingers into the sand, jaw throbbing while the boys laughed amongst themselves. The boy in the middle raised his stick high into the air again, then without a moment's hesitation he swung down hard on Gabriel's back, causing the stick to snap in half. Gabe let out an agonizing shriek of pain and rolled around in the sand, crying loudly. “Quick! Grab his stuff before someone hears him!” The boy shouted. The two boys next to him ran and looted gabe for all of his possessions. The boy in the middle grinned and reached down, picking up the book gabe had been holding. “Hmph..to think, you thought you could be the captain of a ship.” he lurched back and chucked the book as far into the sea as he could before taking off with the others.

    Silence draped over the air of the now approaching night, the waves continued to roll in and out, In the distance a faint crunching sound could be heard against the rocky sand; the sound came closer and closer until it stopped right above Gabriel's head. Two hands gripped firmly on his shoulders and pulled him up to his feet. A man stood in front of him, clad in armor with a staff sheathed upon his back.

    The man sported a neatly trimmed beard accompanied by long hair which was pulled partially back in a pony tail. He smiled kindly at the boy “You have a strong heart lad, even some of the toughest men i know can not stand after a beating like that.” he reached down and patted Gabriel on the head. Gabriel sniffed and wiped the tears from his eyes, looking up at the man's staff “Can...I hold that sir….” he asked shyly. His face turned a light red color and he looked down at the ground, embarrassed for fear of asking a stupid question.

    Training Begins(Gabriel backstory) Gabe_m10

    The man chuckled loud and a bit obnoxiously as he removed the staff from his back and went to hand it to the young Gabriel “You can call me Ryder.” he said, his smile never faltering. He looked at Gabe who was admiring the staff and trying his hardest to swing it around even though it was very well over his height. “Would you like to learn little one?” he asked. Gabriels eyes grew wide and he jumped up and down excitedly, accidently thwacking himself in the head with the staff “Yes! Yes! Yes!...OW!” Ryder chuckled and motioned him to follow “Come then, let us begin.”  

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