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    Post by Cat on Sat Sep 23, 2017 7:18 pm

    ~Characters, Conversations, and Challenges with Cat~

         Consistence is Key:

    Hey guys! So, wow, crazy summer, right? And to top it all off, hurricanes for Lost and Am. Glad that’s all over! So, crazy busy-ness! And what’s that lead to? Well, we’ve not touched our sad forums all summer long.

    Which is totally understandable. We have lives, loved ones, responsibilities, and catastrophes. This is not by any means condemnation for not being around; it is rather an encouragement, with a bit of a challenge.

    We have put HOURS into this place, this roleplay, this world that’s tottering around, half built. We’ve poured ourselves into this place, these characters. And quite frankly, I’d say we all still LOVE doing it. So what do we do?

    We can say “Man, this was a fun run, I love you guys, but it’s just not a priority right now in my life, and I can’t keep trying to make it work.” Which is TOTALLY OKAY. Real life is more important, and almost all of us are adults now, have jobs, etc. Maybe we can’t give this the attention it needs to justify doing it right now.

    But maybe reading that last paragraph was a little bit like tearing your heart out. Maybe you, while you’re busy, you have time here and there that you could utilize for writing. Your occasional day off or lazy day that could be put toward this. Think of it as a hobby. No money needed for this investment, just time. Maybe you can make it work.

    Maybe you can still have the time, and WANT to have the time to roleplay.

    I understand it can’t be like the old days where we roleplayed for hours on end nearly every night. Maybe you can’t commit to being online with everyone, save once or twice a month. I’d be up for setting a set date where everyone can get on TOGETHER and do together stuff, then leave posting up to whenever they find times to do a quick post throughout the week.

    If we really want to keep this going at a steady pace, I believe we can. All it will take is a little CONSISTENCY, and a little COMMITMENT. Nothing big, nothing inconvenient, but enough to keep it rolling. Just say, take 15 minutes to reply to a RP post.

    We can do it!

    I love you guys. I love this forum. And there is so much potential just sitting on the shelf. But if we dally here and dally there, are we going to finish anything? Will the lore get posted an article every couple months? Will history grow slower than present day? Will Eva and Nilo ever get married? Will the pirates ever band together? It’s up to us to find a way.

    So, as an ending: maybe some days are totally unavailable for you to put time into writing. But maybe you have a day with limited responsibilities-- write! Even if your brain’s mush, just put words on the screen. Because the more you do it, the better it will get.

    And start small. I literally just decided to write a couple times a week. And made it happen. I even just hammered stuff out in google docs on my phone one morning after waking up. I mean, I wrote out the rough draft for this 15 minutes before bed. I just decided: you know what, I’m gonna write it.

    And I did. You can to. And I believe with a little consistency, and a commitment to write, we can see this forum grow with some amazing stories. We can all push each other to be a little better, right?

    ~Characters, Conversations, and Challenges with Cat~CONSISTENCE 200_s

    Still, the choice is yours. CAN you find the time, the motivation, to keep this place going? It all boils down to a choice to do, or to don’t. Don’t dally in between. I’d love to see what happens if we can all get on board and really pursue this.

    “Anything is better than stagnation.”
    -Arthur Conan Doyle

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