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    Innisfail- Heart of the Moorland [WIP]


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    Innisfail- Heart of the Moorland [WIP] Empty Innisfail- Heart of the Moorland [WIP]

    Post by Cat on Thu Feb 04, 2016 10:49 pm

    Heart of the Moorland

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    Innisfail lies on a peninsula along the western shore of Cronane, dotted along the southern end, the Cliffshores, as many call them. Rocky mountains mark the northmost border between the Innis and the traders and city-folk of Greymerrow, but oftentimes the Innis include the entire territory under their 'claim.' The rich moorland is home to many people of different shapes and sizes, though the eastern forests hold a good many inhabitants, including the city of Reglaen, the capital.


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    The Innis culture and its people are highly characterized by the ammount of superstition and odd happenings that occur there. Legends abound, and myths are much less than myths in this land. Creatures of magic lurk around nearly every corner, but often hide to the eyes or mortal man. Many a stranger will deem these beliefs of Fairies or 'Little People' as pure nonsense, but soon they might find that all is not as it seems.

    And yet, for all their superstition, they loathe the works of magic and rely purely on their brutality and force of will to solve problems. Many of the Innis people profess themselves as warriors, even the farmers and bakers. Fighting is an integral skill in their society; even the women can match blades with the best of them.

    Herding and fishing are very common among the Innis. Many herders are nomadic, driving their sheep and goats from place to place as they tend to their needs. And all along the Cliffshores fishermen live in houses with a varying degree of haphazard design-- building permanent things isn't often seen in the westmost areas of Innisfail.

    One Chief, or King, governs the country, with lesser lords below him. The royal bloodline always passes through the oldest child, whether they be male or female, it matters little to them. While men are naturally stronger than women, women are seen as masters of deceit and diplomacy, leaving them with much respect from the men, who would prefer a test of steel and wit. Though, often, men of noble bloodline are taught in the arts of craftiness and diplomacy by the Queen.


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    The inhabitants of Innisfail vary greatly: from bellowing brutes to conniving merchants, from the western fishermen to the eastern woodsmen, the sheepherders of the mountains and moorlands, Innisfail has a sturdy variety of men and women. Children are also a common sight, as are large families


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