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    Connell Valour

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    Connell Valour Empty Connell Valour

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    Connell Valour

    Connell Valour YQXUa8Y

    "Sounds have more meaning when you listen closely."


    Birth Name: Connell Valour
    Titles: Aspiring Linguist

    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Birth Day: Ellairë 20

    Place of Residence: Ordovea

    Occupation: Phonologist

    Height: 5' 5''
    Weight: 125 lbs.

    Connell is a young woman with bright red hair and fair skin. She has dark blue eyes with a pleasing face to look at. She comes across as pleasant looking, not necessarily beautiful or overly pretty, but simply a breath of fresh air with looks. She wears very fancy clothes, alluding to a more pompous upbringing that she really received.

    Connell is a pleasant woman at first glance, speaking with kind words and an air of elegance about her that she has trained harshly to achieve. Little seems to bother her, rudeness and snarky responses seeming to bounce off of her as if nothing was said at all. It's hard to tell what she's thinking, a perpetual smile on her face.

    Connell, however, has multiple insecurities. She was raised in a very poor baker's family and worked tirelessly to achieve what she perceived as the ideal life; that of a rich person. Because of this, she is very sensitive about the topic of her past, often times saying she's the daughter of some unnamed count before dismissing the subject.

    This pursuit led her to study how rich people behaved, talked, and even dressed. She crafted the perfect act to partake in to mimic what it was like to be rich. However, a name is everything and even though she could act rich, she had nothing to her name.

    This drove her to aspire under a rich person's tutorage. Being the pupil of someone famous would bolster her own status, and she could start living the life she so desperately wanted too. This led her to her current occupation as a phonologist, her previous keen study on rich people serving her well when studying other people.

    She does have the heart of a scholar, though, and takes her studies serious and pursues her craft with reckless ambition. She's willing to travel and talk to whoever has a dialect she hasn't heard before or to record sound in general.

    Phonograph - All phonologists carry with them a phonograph to record the sounds of others. This contraption takes the vibrations spoken into the large horn and turns them into etched cylinders that can reproduce sound through magical means.

    Mana Crystal - A must-have item when it comes to a phonologist's pursuit of recording sound if they are not already a mage. It is used by being inserted into an etched cylinder and shaken up to release the stored mana and create the noise recorded on the etches.

    Ornate Flute - An ornate flute that Connell's family spent a fortune on to give her. She cherishes it despite the reminder of the poor upbringing she lived through. She plays it on occasions and with her keen ear for sound, it has allowed her to become very adept at playing it.

    Phonologist Pursuit - Sounds are everything and the pursuit of new dialect, noises, and sounds have driven her to travel a good distance across Ordovea.

    Marry Into Riches - While not a gold digger, Connell's ideal life is to live a life of luxury, fancy parties, and drama. She aspires to achieve this goal through any means, and marriage is one such option.

    Professor Goal - Connell's pursuit of a meaning behind her name has driven her to be passionate about her profession. It is safe to say with enough effort, she could usurper her teacher in his title of professor. It would take much work and dedication, though. A harder goal than marrying rich.



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