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    Mørk - Sana's Journal

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    Mørk - Sana's Journal Empty Mørk - Sana's Journal

    Post by Lost Caravan on Tue May 02, 2017 7:36 pm

    Date: Narvinyë, Day Twenty

    I found this journal in an old carriage Alon and I passed by earlier today. He said I could take it since the carriage looked very old. I agreed with him... It reminded me of the castle town near where mother used to live. It seemed lonely, I suppose...

    The voice has been talking to me lately. He and Alon keep me calm. I told him about what I wanted to write in the journal. Just important things that happened during the day. Maybe sketch some things... I want to focus more on my magic now that we're alone, though. The fresh air helps me focus.

    Date: Narvinyë, Day Twenty-three

    I was able to test some of my magic today. The voice told me that I shouldn't test it on living beings... But I don't know how else to become better at it. They don't last long regardless. I might listen to it, though. Grandmother even frowned upon my choice of magic.

    I found a rock while out training. It isn't too special, but I liked it enough to take it with me. It isn't small or flat enough to keep in the journal so I decided to sketch it in here. I hope it came out well.

    Mørk - Sana's Journal Draw-rocks-800x800

    Date: Narvinyë, Day Twenty-five

    I fell down while walking today. I don't know why, but something just took the strength out from my legs. It scared me... And that fear caused me to shut down again. Alon was worried, and I felt bad for scaring him.

    The voice told me that I would be okay. I didn't believe it though... I could hardly breathe for a while... I think I'll be okay now.

    Date: Narvinyë, Day Twenty-nine

    I was able to test my magic some more today. It's easy escaping Alon's sights when I need too. I don't think he'd like my magic, so I do it in private. Maybe it can help him some in the future, though... Just maybe.

    Today I did it on a crow. I think I'm getting better at it, actually. This time it didn't die. I hope I can do it with bigger animals soon. I can protect Alon in case something scary comes along. I'll practice later... Right now I need to help Alon out with some chores.

    Date: Narvinyë, Day Thirty-one

    I had a conversation with the voice today. He says such calming things, it's a little weird. I like to think he used to be a prince or some dashing thief or something... I think he's just an imaginary friend, though. Maybe a weird distortion of mine... He frowned when I wrote that, I wonder why?

    He asked me if I could draw him, so I did. I don't think he liked it much... But I'm not very good, so I don't know...

    Mørk - Sana's Journal 2ee5c1d881979cd90cb6adb1d252d8a2

    Date: Narvinyë, Day Thirty-three

    I had another episode today... But this time it was when I was out practicing magic. I think Alon heard my wails from a mile away... I felt so bad, and I couldn't even explain myself well as to why I was there. I made a fool of myself...

    This time, it was worst than last time. It was like my heart just stopped. Everything went dark and I couldn't hear anything but this noise. It wasn't the voice... He doesn't make noises like that... I think I imagined the noise, though. Something that awful Alon would have surely heard too. I wish I was normal like Raina...

    Date: Narvinyë, Day Thirty-five

    It's almost time for spring. I found a small patch of flowers that looked really pretty. I decided to take one and place it in the journal to give it more color. It reminds me a little of grandmother with the really bright blue flower she always had tied in her hair. Maybe I need something like that...

    I normally wear just a gray dress. I have some other clothes too, but shadows don't really smell like anything... I think that's why most of the others here dislike me... I probably scare them... I like to wear the same dress though so it ends up smelling like something. I think it helps ease their nerves a little.

    Mørk - Sana's Journal Img-thing?

    Date: Narvinyë, Day Thirty-seven

    I passed by a creek today and I was shocked to notice something about fish. They're harder to use my magic on than other animals... I think it has something to do with the water around them or something... It doesn't bother me much, after all, I don't think I will need to use my magic often on aquatic life.

    I found a pebble by the creek, though. I thought I might try and sketch it. I think I'm getting a little better at drawing...

    Mørk - Sana's Journal Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTkGSSLvfSx3yhPjd1brhrynweuu4OsIoqy2dBx0iDihctCYDT1

    Date: Tuilë, Day Three

    I lost my pencil and it took me a while to find a new one. I didn't want to bother Alon about it. After all, I'm not sure he knows if I'm keeping a journal or not. I found this new one in a really old house I stumbled upon during a practice session today. It looked sad...

    The voice told me to go in so I did and I luckily found it in there. I won't be as careless as last time. Though, I hope I can find another one before this one breaks...

    Date: Tuilë, Day Five

    I decided to spend today practicing drawing with Alon. It was the first time, I think, that he saw my journal. I only showed him the previous drawings, though. I want to keep my magic a secret. I think he liked them, I hope so.

    I told him that I wanted to draw him, so I did my best. I don't think it's perfect, after all, I've been drawing rocks... But I think I did good enough.

    Mørk - Sana's Journal 66c649ac817d3b1853631d7c3b4916d5

    Date: Tuilë, Day Seven

    Today grandmother came to visit me. She scared me... She told me that one of my aunts wanted me there for Uncle's wedding but I declined. I didn't want to be there with people I don't know. I don't want to be there with mother and father and my siblings...

    All I need is Alon. I'm fine as long as he's here with me.

    Date: Tuilë, Day Eight

    It was so terrible... I just couldn't believe what happened... She was there, and I was drowning and I couldn't see anything! I wanted to cry for help but I couldn't speak. I don't know how I escaped, but grandmother left me alone after I hear the voice...

    Alon doesn't know, I don't think anyone will ever know...

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