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    The Performers - Devon and Breanne


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    The Performers - Devon and Breanne Empty The Performers - Devon and Breanne

    Post by LSG_Amarra on Mon May 01, 2017 6:43 pm

    The Performers - Devon and Breanne Twins110

    A cacophony traveled through the town, one that could hardly be described. It rattled, and drummed, and shook, and hissed, and bumped and knocked along to the tune of quick footsteps. He didn't mind the stares or eye rolls as he walked, it was publicity! It was attention! That was exactly what he wanted. He simply smiled and greeted those who looked disdainfully at him and his noisy pack.

    Devon adjusted the strap on his backpack, making even more of a horrific noise. "Greetin's! Evenin' Gents!" He waved to a pair of men, turning to follow their retreat,"Fierce weather we 'ad yesterday, aye?" He spun back around "Even- Oh, hello!" He grinned at a group of girls quickly approaching. "Ladies." He bowed a bit and gave them a wink, causing them all to giggle. As they passed his gait slowed, until he stopped in the middle of the road, being even more of an annoyance. One of the girls looked back and smiled, blue eyes glittering behind light strands of hair.

    His mouth went a dry and went slackjawed. It took only a second more for his courage to urge him on, loosening the string on his tunic a bit, but the instant he took a step back the way he came, a hand tugged on his arm. "Can ye get yer eyes off of girls for one second? We've got coin t' make."

    "Aye, sis.... I will yea." He turned and grinned devilishly at his twin, "When deh world freezes over, I tink I could spare a glance."

    A scoff, "Oh, 'ead on, ye lecher." and she turned, continuing with her tambourine thrumming on her hip. He simply laughed. "What's so funny, eh? You 'avin' a laugh at me, Dev?"

    "Aye, at 'ow we're apparently still twelve. Yer battin' me on deh noggin, cos yer jealous some'un 'ill take yer brot'er away?"

    "More like, cos yer in way over yer 'ead."

    "Ah get off, ye love me." Her eye roll sent him into giggles. "'Sides, no one could ever replace ye, Brea." He tossed an arm over her shoulder and shook her a bit as they ambled along.

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