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    Vanguard of Fate [Duchy Lore]

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    Vanguard of Fate [Duchy Lore] Empty Vanguard of Fate [Duchy Lore]

    Post by Lost Caravan on Sat Apr 29, 2017 6:02 pm

    The boy whose characteristics were more akin to that of an animal would grunt as his quiet sister sat nearby surrounded by brightly colored flowers. His animalish grunt would become louder as he crouched in the nearby grass. He wanted to go and do something like climb a tree or run around somewhere or even chase something like a rabbit! But he didn't want to leave his sister. They were instructed at birth to always stay close or something bad would happen. He didn't understand it, but he didn't want to make his mother or father mad.

    It took nearly twelve more minutes for the quiet girl with long brown hair would stand and begin walking towards the crouched boy. He'd smile with a wild grin, running towards her at full speed before spinning around her with childish glee. A laugh would escape him as she smiled slowly at him. Everything she did seemed to be slow and boring to the boy... But when she finally did stuff it made him ecstatic! And now that they were walking they could probably find their way towards that tree he wanted to climb!

    But, suddenly the girl would freeze, a breath escaping her as she turned her head towards a suddenly present wall. The wild boy would stop in mild confusion before he too noticed the strange stone wall. He didn't remember it always being there, but his curiosity and stupid bravery caused him to daringly approach it with a sense of superiority. It scared his sister, so he'd beat it up or something!

    He'd sniff the wall once he got close enough. Raising an eye with an obvious look of confusion on his face. It smelt... Weird. Not like a stone wall, to say the least. It reminded him of grandmother... That weird, ominous smell hidden under what he guessed was what she wanted to smell like. Did the wall want to smell like a wall? That was such a weird thing for a wall to want to do! He'd give the wall a glare though before reeling back his small arm to go and punch the wall with what little force he could provide.

    The small thunk his fist made on the wall caused the entire garden to echo loudly. The boy would yelp in surprise, jumping back before raising his fists up and bouncing back and forth. He'd try to make himself look bigger, scarier than the wall! He thought he was doing a good job until the wall glimmered and seemed to shake as if it was about to crumble. Before the boy's eyes, the wall would seem to grow larger, bars growing out of the ground like plants as a round stone cell appeared before the two children.

    He'd look back at his sister with confusion, wondering if her weird magic had something to do with it but she was clearly as confused and startled as he was. She'd walk towards him, grabbing his left arm with both of hers as she stood as close to him as possible. The two were obviously scared, but their eyes would blink into an ominous glare. Thorny plants would grow around the twins as if controlled by their fear and confusion towards the cell, a terrifying roar of some far off creature echoed behind them. Their strange powers were controlled by their emotions and they were a terrifying duo towards dimwitted foes. But, this cell seemed smarter than the two... How the boy knew that confused him before a gasp would escape him and his sister.

    Before their defiant glare a woman would seem to grow out of the grass the covered the floor of the cell. Earth and greenery would give way to a woman clad in a tattered white gown with a red and green sash tied around her like a large ribbon. The boy's keen eyes noticed that it wasn't exactly touching her and seemed to float around her like an endless stream of silk and fabric. The two were fearful as her downcast head would slowly look up at them.

    The boy would let out a low growl as he saw a tattered cloth where her face should have been. It had on it a pattern of a large eye that seemed to glow an ominous red in the shade of the cell. She said nothing as the eye stared at the fearless twins. With a steady sigh, she'd carefully crawl towards the bars of the cell, a hand grabbing one of the bars to help prop herself up a little as the other reached out of the cell and towards the twins.

    "I can sense thee... Thou hast a most unusual fate..." she'd say in a voice that sent a shiver through the twins. The boy would growl in defiance, the terrifying roar echoing closer to their position in the garden. One could feel the steady thud of giant paws moving towards the area. This caused the celled lady to bring her hand back into the cell. She seemed shocked at the act of violence the boy was displaying and she could sense the accompanying intent his sister was giving. She'd stay silent for a moment before a small voice left the boy's mouth.

    "You smell bad... And you came from nothing like her! Explain!" the boy would growl out, his voice seeming to hold an atmosphere of violence despite how youthful it was. The celled lady would muse over his words before reaching her hand out again, though, this time much slower. It was like a strange invitation this time... It felt different and the boy couldn't understand why.

    He'd growl at the hand before his sister would tug his arm gently. He'd look back in confusion before snapping back to looking at the hand. He didn't want to leave it out of his sight. The girl would mutter something unheard in the boy's ear, causing him to grunt in response. The raging vines would part ways and seem to guide the boy and his sister towards the outstretched hand. The two of them would look at the lady with suspicion and worry. She could be a fairy or a monster! Any sort of evil! But... They didn't feel any sort of violent intent from her. It was alarming and terrifying.

    The two would go to grab the lady's hand with one of their own after a moment of stillness. The beast from earlier letting out one final roar as its giant figure prowled in the brush nearby. The vines would stay calm around the twins but they'd twitch every now and again. They were on edge despite giving the woman a sense of trust, but she would smile at them regardless. A sweet smile that almost seemed to say thank you. The eye would glow from red to an incandescent green, startling the twins and causing the vines and beast to pounce into action. But in a dazzling green light and a huge gust of wind, the cell disappeared.

    The boy would howl in startlement, the large wolf that had come to his aid pouncing at the now empty spot. The vines would tangle around thin air as they reached where the lady's hand had been. The twins would stare blankly in shock, words and thought escaping them. The boy would grunt and nod his head as if in a victory. His pride wouldn't waver even after the strange event. The girl would sigh, all energy seeming to leave her as she leaned against her brother in exhaustion. He'd grunt in annoyance, whistling the rather large wolf over to him. With a strange word escaping his mouth, the wolf would kneel before the twins allowing the two to mount it with ease. With another whistle escaping the boy, the wolf would charge out of the garden and towards the large, ominous castle nearby. They detested being inside of a man-made structure, but the events had caused them to seek proper shelter for the time being. A pact forming between the two to never speak of their meeting with the Vanguard of Fate herself.

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