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    Valentine - Katrina


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    Valentine - Katrina Empty Valentine - Katrina

    Post by LSG_Amarra on Wed Apr 19, 2017 6:54 pm

    Valentine - Katrina Ship10

    "Greetings, my friend." William Valentine shook his hand vigorously, eager to talk business and pleasure once more. The man was only older in appearances, Cassius having him beat in many, many years. "Why must our meetings be so spread apart? You know I always enjoy your company."

    The half-elf merely smiled. "You also enjoy my whiskey, if I remember correctly." Movement caught Cassius' eye, now noticing the smaller form behind his friend. "And who is this? This can't be little Johnathan, can it? Last time I saw you, you only came up to here." He shoved his hand down to his knee, grinning at the boy.

    William laughed heartily, and slapped his son on the back, "Now don't be shy, my boy. Say hello!" The boy shuffled further up the gang plank and muttered a quiet hello. "As I was readying myself this morning, I thought to myself; 'John needs to see how business works, why not start a bit early'? Drug him out of bed and brought him along, Just in time for lunch too."

    He huffed a laugh to appease his friend, "Of course, though I warn you; It is not an Adriellian fine dining experience you will receive." He motioned for them to follow, only slightly swelling with pride as Johnathan gawked at the glittering plating on his ship.

    "We don't mind a bit of rugged treatment, not in your domain, right John?" The boy nodded. "I've been telling him about the girl you've taken in- ah... what was her name again...? I think you only mentioned it once or twice..." The fat lord's eyes glittered. Cassius had mentioned it more than just once, but he knew his friend couldn't help but bother him about it, if only to make him smile.

    "Only as many times as you have your meals," He grinned as his friend laughed, taking the jab in stride. He lead them down the stairs, hearing them creek under William's weight. "Her name is Katrina, and Alice, as I've so recently learned."

    "Katrina Alice... Very, very pretty - Don't you think?" He looked back to see the question pointed at the boy, who blushed deeply and shrugged. Cassius frowned inwardly. He was about to say something when he heard a rhythmic thumping coming from the direction of the mess. "Sounds like they've started without us, aye boy? Come along." Now his frown drifted to his face, slightly suspicious. They opened the door, and Cassius sighed in horror.

    "-Blow ye winds westerly, blow ye winds, blow, Jolly sou'wester, boys, steady she goes." The men thumped and sung and laughed. It was the sight on top of the table that caused Cassius to cringe and hide his shame behind a hand. "Up jumps the herring, the king of the sea," Katrina spun and danced, singing above the men, who goaded the girl on with thudding rhythm and cheers, "Saying, 'All other fishes, now you follow me!' and it's-"

    John laughed, along with William. "Lively one, isn't she?"

    However, Cassius cleared his throat, catching the attention of all in the room. The men stopped awkwardly, some hissing in reaction or coughing and looked at each other in silence. Katrina looked around, only now noticing the noblemen standing in the doorway. "Uh... Greetings, Captain..." The girl folded her hands behind her and looked down in guilt, some of the men brave enough to snicker and laugh. Very slowly, she inched forward and slid down onto the floor, still looking at Cassius.

    "Ah this is Little Katrina, is it? Wonderful!" William interjected before Cassius could say a word. He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "We didn't mean to intrude on such merry-making, it was lovely! Where did you learn to sing like that, sweetheart, hm?" "By myself." "No! Really?! That's grand!" He groaned at the show his friend made, shaking his head next to John.

    The boy piped up. "I-I liked it." Cassius looked sideways, not knowing whether to laugh or go find a place to shrivel up in disgrace. The men had already returned to eating and chatting, William and Katrina joining them. It was no use; he could never stay irritated at her for long.

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