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    The Mages Order


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    The Mages Order

    Post by LSG_Amarra on Tue Jul 19, 2016 11:46 pm

    For centuries, the world's mages have had protection and structure. Created by The Old Kings of Oclaria in the wake of The Heresy Wars, The Mage's Order has a firm grip on the teaching of magic. Anyone who desires to learn must go to Withall Fortress in Eiwrith, and learn their proficiency. It is there that all novice mages discover their path, and train in nonmagic studies and beginning courses. It is also the place where the Meetings of The Mage's Order are held, open only to The five leading members and the world's royal families.

    After the mages there have learned and mastered the basics of their magic, they are sent to the other schools, each one designed for the four types of magic: Spirit, the Tower of Tempest Atheneum, south-east of Amadas; Restorative, the Alkarin, a Temple in Estëmen; Entropy, in the Stonebend Manor in Davenport; Elemental, In Reyon's Citadel. Each one is headed by a different member of The Mage's Order

    Luther Alan Moriarty
    The Caretaker, Healing
    Withall Fortress, Eiwrith

    Lovingly greeted as the Caretaker, it is both an epithet and an official title. He leads the newest casters through the trials and tribulations of their new powers while warning them of the pitfalls that they would be tempted with. He gives each new apprentice individual attention and time, filling the space between with patience and understanding. While he specializes in Healing Magic, He oversees the general studies of Withall Fortress.

    His title, however distinct, holds little power over the other four members. He acts as the Order's Face and Speaker, occasionally its tiebreaker. He cannot alone make any major decisions as far as the Order, or the structures that house them; Anything that needs to be changed is put to a vote, where he is only a single tally. However, he is often the voice of reason, cooling heated debates with logic and reason.

    He has a mansion just outside the city at the very end of the Lotus Beck river. He travels between the two to see his son.

    Maja Ramsay
    Treasurer, Justicar of Corruption, Water
    The Citadel, Reyon

    Solmora the Magical Dwarf
    Secretary, Negotiator, Wards and Defenseive Magic
    The Alkarin, Estëmen

    Colborn Vesk
    Head of Research, Golem Making (? Wip)
    Tower of Tempest Atheneum, South-East of Amadas

    Morneth Cavio
    Second in Command, Combat and Conflict Strategist, Necromancy
    Stonebend Manor, Davenport

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