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    Zavie Bryce Empty Zavie Bryce

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    Zavie Bryce

    Zavie Bryce B6eMakH

    "I do it for 'her'... But I don't want too... But, I do..."


    Birth Name: Zavie Bryce
    Titles: None

    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 11
    Birth Day: Furinasta 22

    Place of Residence: Streets of Davenport

    Occupation: Runaway, Thief

    Height: 4’ 3’’
    Weight: 73 lbs.

    Zavie is a small and lilt boy, standing shorter on average than what one would consider natural for his age. He appears younger than his actual age as well, often being mistaken for a younger child than his actual age. He has an anemic frame, a thing body that seems almost forced to look child-like and young. He has milky pale skin and pale blue eyes accompanied by sandy white hair.
    His attire differs from what he can find at the ready, often times people will find him in his dancing clothes: a revealing and tight shirt covered by a small vest. Long gloves that reach above the elbow slightly, bangles and ribbons adorning them. Long, puffy pants made for dancing that are adorned in jewelry, ribbons, gold bangles, and a small veil.
    Outside of this, he can be seen dressed like a common beggar or thief, raggedy and worn clothes accompanied by a long, hooded cape that he can wrap around himself to hide his visage.

    Zavie is a rather placid and initially cautious child. He comes across as skittish or frightful at first, but this is usually a facade to hide a more cynical view towards people. He finds it hard to give his trust to people and would rather be left alone even if doing so is more dangerous. While in his time in Davenport, his distrust has only grown due to the rather sleezy people he is forced to associate himself with. Dressed commonly as a prostitute has caused him to get leery or pitying eyes, and as such, this has caused him to avoid people unless absolutely necessary.
    However, even if he comes across as cold natured, he's a very traumatized child and has mixed feelings towards his past and what he should do with his future. He is lonely without his Mistress and wishes daily to be by her side again... However, he knows the dark intentions she has for him and knows that staying with her could very well end in his death should she consider to contort his body as she sees fit. He is torn on what to do, and as such, has driven him on the verge of madness. He distances himself from people for fear of what his Mistress would think, but the solitude and the people he associates himself with make him dread what he will become.

    Zavie was born to an elegant gypsy tribe whose specialty was in dances and song. At a very young age, the boy was stolen from his home and forced into slavery. The slave markets taught him how to steal and survive in a harsh new environment. The boy, at the young age of five, was eventually found and hunted down by a royal of Xynar named Ankha Issa. She found the young gypsy and bought him, bringing him home as her personal pet.

    Ankha had a sick and disturbing fascination for the boy, having him trained in erotic and exotic dances that best fit him, however these dances only proved to turn her fascination into a twisted form of love. She became reliant on the boy’s presence, though, in her family’s eyes loving him was akin to bestiality; a sin she couldn’t partake in. This led the girl into the dark arts, frantically trying to find a way to change the appearance of her beloved slave.

    Sensing something ominous, a fellow slave came to Zavie and organized an escape plan for the boy. At the age of eight, he escaped his slave owner’s control howevet the years of slavery had altered and perverted his mind. He knew staying with Ankha was dangerous but he grew to rely on her presence and ‘love’. He needed her, and this caused him to stay relatively close to the city she lived in. This action caused his hunters to easily find him, and before he could be brought back to Ankha, he killed his captor. He had never killed before, and the horror of his action caused him to flee.

    However, Ankha found him on his ninth birthday, catching him and forcing a horrible curse on the boy. She had mastered the art of witchcraft, and with it, she altered the boy’s body, changing it to a different form. On wobbly legs, the boy somehow made an escape after Ankha 'claimed' him as her lover. Ankha didn’t chase him, pure bliss erupting throughout her body at her success.

    Zavie eventually found a new settlement to live within; a port town in which he lived as a thief. He occasionally dances for money, some mistaking him for a prostitute due to the eroticness of his dances. It’s unknown as to what will happen to the boy as Ankha is simply biding her time to find her beloved and marry him.

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