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    Red Dutchy

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    The Given ‘Truth’:
    The Red Duchy has existed for more years than anyone can quite remember. It is said that the Duchy appeared overnight, and with it, an estranged and dangerous family. In the coming years, the Reds created about them a strong and fortified military, making the Red Duchy a formidable force and one that was ever so present in diplomacy. However, the Red Family never actively outed in conquest and war, preferring to seclude themselves within their fortified walls.

    The Red’s Secret:
    It’s said that the family and duchy came from an alternate reality, one filled with chaos, war, strife, and the Killing Games. The Killing Games are said to be a powerful sorceresses’ ritual in keeping her power over this reality. The last Killing Games led with the youngest Red to brutally slay his family and then the sorceress. With the power he gained from the sorceress, he took the kingdom the now dead sorceress controlled and his deceased family to a new world. Once their, with the remaining of his power, he resurrected his family members and banished himself from the walls of the Red Duchy.

    The Shadow’s Departure:
    Above the Red Duchy lays a mountainous region, off to the left of its position along the coast. This mountain region is said to hold the mansion of a terrifying and threatening creature. She is said to be the Red’s Guardian, though, others refer to her as the Death Bringer. All know her as the Mother of Shade, a strange figure that was never seen by a living soul for very long. Her purpose with the Red Duchy and its royal family has remained shrouded in mystery, however, it is known that she once left the confines of her mansion in search of the Forsaken Red. It’s fantasized that she became infatuated with him and bonded with him in a way most could never understand. It’s a given though that she bore a child that is now part of the Red family. This child was kept hidden in a far off kingdom until recently when the Mother Shade brought her and the daughter’s blooming family to live with her. It’s unsure what exactly is the Mother Shade and exactly what she did during her departure though. Nothing is decided and the rest are stories told in hushed whispers in the night.

    The First Lockwood:
    The Forsaken Red was said to be unbearably lonely while banished away in a far off land. While there, he created a creature in the exact likliness of him. He named this creature ‘Nilo Red Lockwood’ and dubbed him his brother. The two are said to have been very close until the sudden suicide of the forsaken Red, causing the boy immense inner turmoil and pain. The Mother Shade is said to have stayed close by his side for a long portion of his depression, even while raising her child. The two are said to have grown very close together and it’s argued whether or not they are just as close as the forsaken Red was. Regardless of this, the boy has only recently visited the Duchy and its family, making him the first Lockwood to be in the Red Duchy’s court. He has made close friends with a few of the forsaken Red’s siblings, though, he is treated with extreme caution by the rest of the Red family and tend to be quite cold and aloof to the boy.

    It has come to recent realization that the Red family is primarily composed of elves and a mysterious race of ‘shadows’ said to have come from the Void or to be servants of the Killing Game’s sorceress. The family was said to have stopped growing after the Archduchess and Archduke were said to be incapable of bearing more children. However, in recent events, it has been shown that the Mother Shade and the First Lockwood are capable of expanding the Red Lineage further. The Mother Shade is said to be the race known as a ‘shadow’ while Nilo is for all intents and purposes of elven blood with the strange magic his brother made him out of sewn into his body.

    The Autumn Forest:
    The Red Duchy has always had control over a ruined village past the mountain that surrounds its northern and eastern borders. This village is kept in perpetual autumn by an ancient dryad that lived within it. Recently, the First Lockwood has been given governance over it by the Archduke as a form of test to prove his worth as a Red. The First Lockwood hasn’t dealt with the place very much and hasn’t actively done much within the village, though it’s said he has plans for its future.

    Family Tree:

    Archduke of the Red Duchy, Father of Red, Velken Red
    The Archduke of the Red Duchy and the blooded father of the Red Family. He is said to be a harsh, strong, and quiet man. It’s said he holds more power than is feasibly imagined and that he even once beat the Mother of Shade herself. He’s however a hermit of a man, never once being seen outside of the Red Family manor’s walls.

    Archduchess of the Red Duchy, Mother of Red, Laele Red
    The Archduchess of the Red Duchy and the blooded mother of the Red Family. She’s said to be surprisingly calm and kind, often times walking the streets around the Red Family manor. She’s quite mysterious and strange though, a quiet woman with a look of perpetual pain on her face. It’s said she’s still haunted by the Killing Games and often time has nightmares about them. However, she isn’t weak. It’s said she’s the only person who can calm her husband’s rage and is said to be the teacher of the First Lockwood’s magical harp songs.

    The Red Duchy’s General, Keyori Red
    The general of the Red Duchy’s army, Keyori is a commonly seen face amongst his family members. He’s said to be an exceptional swordsman and is rumored to be capable of spells that boost the dexterity and moral of his soldiers. He’s a strong man and the eldest brother of the first generation of Reds. He’s said to have great honor and valor in battle, often times being the peak of chivalry. However, it’s said he holds a grudge against the Forsaken Red, and in turn, the First Lockwood.

    The Red Duchy’s Idol, Anenia Red
    The most popular singer and dancer in all of the Red Duchy, and even in other places across the continent. She’s said to be charismatic and energetic, her songs and dances putting smiles on all that view her. She’s said to be fairly aloof and distant towards her family though, being one of the few Reds who don’t hold disdain towards the Forsaken Red. She’s said to also have amnesia, incapable of remembering the Killing Games and even how she came to be in this land.

    The Red Duchy’s Torturers, the Conjoined Daughters of Misery, Rosie and Posie Red
    Two daughters whose bodies are broken and crippled, Posie even missing her left arm. They are said to be the only Reds aside from the Forsaken Red to not have had died in the Killing Games, however, being horribly misconfigured and reconfigured into the burning beasts they are now. Their arms are large claws of burning ash wrapped in white linen to keep them from burning everything they touch. They hold the most hatred towards the Forsaken Red, being one of the only Reds to have ever actively tried to kill him after his departure. They generally are only seen within the Red Duchy’s prison and torture chambers, often times their tortures being the sole reason why crime is so low within the duchy.

    The Red Duchy’s Explorer, Kaya Red
    A valiant explorer and a Red that is rarely ever seen living within the Red Duchy. She often times is off on adventures and exploring more of the world around them. She’s said to be a bubbly and nice person, a red panda being her lifelong companion as they travel together. She’s said to love the First Lockwood dearly and even went as far as to say she missed the Forsaken Red. She’s a radiant woman who hates war and secrets, even if she holds many of them herself.

    The Red Duchy’s Royal Baker, the Poison Keeper, Paftari Red
    The Royal Baker of the Red Duchy’s family and also the second to youngest son. He’s a kind and artistic man, being said to be one of the world’s most brilliant bakers. It’s said his dishes are so amazing that they’re able to strengthen people to limits unreachable before. However, he’s also one who knows his way around poison, being capable of creating equally as effective poisons for the opposite purpose of his food. He’s however a nice man and is said to be kind towards the First Lockwood and even wishing to have been capable of saying goodbye to the Forsaken Red.

    The Forsaken Red, Former Heir to the Throne, Ruga Red
    The Forsaken red and former heir to the throne is shrouded in mystery. It was said he was a masochistic and sadistic young man, one with mad ideas and crazed inventions. He was said to be imbued with the power of the sorceress he slew and used it to create the First Lockwood and tried to create an independent consciousness without a soul. He was wedded to the Mother of Shade and is the father of the enigmatic and strange Rio. He’s hated by most Reds and is considered a bane upon their existence.

    The Mother of Shade, Gatekeeper of the Void, Guardian of the Red Duchy, Zinnian Shade
    The Mother of Shade and the guardian of the Red Duchy, Zinnian is a figure shrouded in mystery and fear. It’s said she has been capable of destroying entire armies with her own abilities and is a figure of fear and death. She’s said to have fallen in love with the Forsaken Red and has even wedded him and bore his child. The two loved each other dearly and she has promised to protect and take care of the First Lockwood in his death. As such, Nilo and she share a close bond and care about each other deeply.

    The Enigmatic Magician, the Daughter of Passion, Rio Red Shade
    The daughter of the Mother of Shade and the Forsaken Red. She’s said to have been a strange and disturbing child, though, she has aged well and has created a large family as a cause of it. She married the were-bear Arturo and the two share a loving and close bond together. She’s said to have finished her father’s work and has created a being capable of consciousness and the ability to feel and express emotions without a soul. A passionate woman with an enigmatic personality, she’s said to be a wonder to have a conversation with.

    The Were-Bear, Father of the Mad, Arturo Red Shade
    The Were-Bear and the Father of the Mad was a calm and curious young man before time changed him. Being the father of eight children has put a notable stress on his consciousness, driving his temper to grow immensely. He doesn’t hate his children by any means, though, the stress is prevalent in his actions and personality. He’s said to be a kind man though, often time enjoying archery and traveling to new places to meet new people.

    The Stone Knight, Guardian of the Mad Children, Rikki Red Shade
    The Stone Knight is a construct given the independent consciousness Rio created and her father worked on. He is considered the son of Rio and is treated as a born from flesh child would be. He appears to be human, though, his actual composition is of a strong and sturdy stone indigenous to a far off mountainous region. Outside of this, the Stone Knight is a very stoic and calm individual, taking care of his siblings and guarding them with a large shield made of a thick alloy.

    Eldest of the Mad, Daughter of Pure Love, Raina Red Shade
    The Eldest daughter of the Mad Family and the one given the title of ‘Daughter of Pure Love,’ Raina is a bubbly, polite, and energetic daughter. She’s not the most mature, but is considered to be her father’s favorite and one whose loved by many. She’s blind for all intents and purposes, but has the distinct ability to view the auras of living beings and uses this in her daily life. She may seem normal, but like the rest of her siblings, she’s notably not completely sane and is extremely emotional in certain situations. Her emotions dictate much of her actions and it’s said that it's this reason why she acts so childish. She’s the only child in the Mad Family that is capable of shifting into a bear like her father.

    Aquatic Son of Madness, Aearion Red Shade
    The Aquatic Son of Madness is the second child of Rio and Arturo’s. He’s an aloof and distant boy, often times staying close to bodies of water and listening intently to the sounds that accompany them. He’s odd and is hard to understand at times, usually speaking in an incoherent language made of his own doing. It’s theorised he is possessed by a siren’s song or that he has an unnatural tie to the water itself, speaking the language only the sea can understand. Aside from this, he’s very rarely seen inland and will almost exclusively be near any natural body of water if he can help it.

    Mad Daughter of Fear, Sana Red Shade
    The Mad Daughter of Fear is one of the few children in the Mad Family that has left the safety of the Mother of Shade’s control. She’s a truly mad child, struck with insanity and being inflicted by a fear of practically everything. She goes through life in a confused and almost blind matter, putting on a mature and stoic mask to protect her frail psyche. She accompanies the lycanthrope Alon in his journeys and is a caring companion of his. It’s said he’s the only person Sana can bare to be around and is the only person she doesn’t fear. Their whereabouts are unknown, though, on occasions it’s said they visit Rio and the Mother of Shade. She’s the only child in the Mad Family that is capable of her mother’s shadow mancy. It’s said that she is haunted by the lost soul of a deceased young man, one that guides her and helps keeps her sane. It’s known she can be seen talking to herself, though whether or not this is due to the fantastical story or out of her own madness is unknown.

    Vain Fire Dancer, Faeron Red Shade
    The Vain Fire Dancer is a handsome and charismatic young man. His beauty is said to enrapture any woman who lays eyes on him and the boy knows this fully. His vanity is said to envy an incubus’s in forms of intensity, considering himself the most perfect creature ever born in the Red Family. His beauty isn’t his only virtue though, being an accomplished fire mage and one capable of mimicking the dances of the Forsaken Red. He’s said to be a painful reminder of Rio’s father and it’s said the distance the two share has led the boy to rely on the company of other women to satisfy his needs. He’s arrogant and snobby to those he considers lesser, though, he’s never rude to those in his family he considers ‘beautiful.’

    Harmonious Tea Maid, the Harmony of the Mad Family, Haramara Red Shade
    The Harmonious Tea Maid is considered the only sane child within the Mad Family. Her title as the Harmony of the Mad Family is relevant in her actions and ways of speech. She’s kind and polite with etiquette that matches the most astute of royalty. Her voice is said to never be unhappy, always being a soothing and enjoyable sound to hear. She’s also an accomplished tea brewer, making teas that soothe equally as much as her voice. It’s said her tea parties are the only time the Mad Family can get together without fighting.

    Daughter of Flora, Mad Plant Magician, Vaeri Red Shade
    The Daughter of Flora and the Mad Plant Magician is the female identical twin to the Son of Fauna, Feredir. She’s considered an accomplished mage in her ability to control and entice plants to do her bidding. She has lived within the confines of nature for all of her life, growing up within a tree house and living off of the fruit it produced. It’s said that she is blessed by the dryads and her physical appearance bostes this as well as flowers and leaves are seen growing out of her hair and her skin is notably dark like that of bark in comparison to the pale complection the rest of her family holds.

    Son of Fauna, Mad Beast-Mancer, Feredir Red Shade
    The Son of Fauna and the Mad Beast-Mancer is the male identical twin to the Daughter of Flora, Vaeri. He’s considered to be an equally as accomplished mage as his sister, however, in the form of speaking to beasts and being capable of summoning to his beck and call. It’s said he was raised by the forest’s animals where Vaeri grew, learning the abilities of the wolves, squirrels, birds, and so on. It’s said he’s more animal than human, regardless of his inability to shift. He has animalistic ears and feral like fangs. His eyes are slitted like a cats and most consider him wild and unapproachable unless with his twin sister. His skin is notably tanner, though, this is more so because of his life in the open wild than it is through arcane means like his twin sister. He, like his twin, posses magic, though in the form of beast-mancy, a rare and unusual form of magic that he rarely shows to his family and never towards strangers.

    Constant Amnesiac, Bearer of the Duchy’s Secrets, Aranhil Red Shade
    The Constant Amnesiac and the Bearer of the Duchy’s Secrets is the small and frail boy known as Aranhil. His title doesn’t lie as he can’t remember anything past a few seconds. He carries with him a notepad that details everything he needs to know about his family and social interactions, though, he tends to still be quite incapable of having a conversation with anyone. He’s used as a vessel for the Red Duchy’s secrets, being the only one who knows the full story behind the Red Duchy. He’s kept a secret from the masses and he’s the only child of the Mad Family that permanently lives within the Red Family manor, and in turn, the Red Family’s library. Sana is said to be the only person who is close to him, something about their inability to interact with people bringing them together.

    The First Lockwood, Harpist of Emotions, Ambassador of the Autumn Forest, Nilo Red Lockwood
    The First Lockwood, Harpist of Emotions, and Ambassador of the Autumn Forest is none other than the created twin of Ruga Red. He’s considered to be a kind and enjoyable person to be with even with his social inaptness and aloofness towards what is proper to speak of and what is not. He’s somewhat childish regardless of his mature air and mannerisms. It’s said he’s one of the nicest of the Reds and is kind and open minded towards most people he meets. He had a close bond with the Mother of Shade, Zinnian, being capable of performing shadowmancy when combined with her. The First Lockwood is also engaged to the werecat Evandra, the two love each other and eagerly await their wedding day.


    Northern and Eastern Mountain Range:
    The northern and eastern borders of the Red Duchy are made of large mountain ranged. These mountains are harsh and chilling, reaching heights that are dangerous for one’s breathing and health. The mountains are the only one’s in the east and are a fearsome beast that guard the Red Duchy from attacks. The Shade Mansion resides within the eastern mountain range and is secluded and hard to get too.

    Western Grasslands:
    To the west of the Red Duchy is a large grassland that is the primary gateway to and from the Red Duchy. It is filled with paths and wild game that house a nomadic race of elves. The grasslands are fairly bare aside from this, no real landmarks preset here.

    Southern Sea:
    To the south of the Red Duchy is the sea, being the only border the actual city of the Red Duchy being attached too. The sea is bountiful with fish, trade, and commerce, making it the primary source of the Red Duchy’s wealth. It’s a warm and semi-tropical sea, on occasions hurricanes and tropical storms are present within it. It’s rumored a kraken lives within the depths of this sea.


    The Red Duchy:
    The Red Duchy’s architecture is separated into three different levels. The top level is where the royal family resides, it consisting of an extravagant castle and manor that is closed off the the rest of the public. The second level is where the higher up citizens live. They are the trade masters and guild masters that preside over schools and more posh forms of trade. The lowest level is consisted of the sea bearing people, those actively working in trade as sailors and fishermen. They live in fairly nice apartments, though nowhere as nice as the higher levels.

    The Autumn Forest:
    The Autumn Forest is found past the mountain range to the east of the Red Duchy. The forest is in a perpetual state of autumn with red leaves and a forest floor covered in leaves. The main city of the Autumn Forest is a huge castle made out of the ancient dryad’s tree. It’s large and is where the First Lockwood and those close to him reside. Outside of this, small towns are found tucked away into the reaches of the forest, all of which aid the Autumn Forest’s commerce.

    The Shade Manor:
    The Shade Manor resides within the peaks of the eastern mountain range near the Red Duchy. It’s almost impossible to reach, though, it had the perks of residing within the highest point within the Red Duchy. Its architecture more akin to a fortress than a manor, though, it’s said the interior is more lavish than what is expected to be found within the Red Duchy.


    Red Family Religion:
    The Red’s religion is one based off of fate and fate weavers. These fate weavers created the world and control it to make it a better place. Those who defy fate are evil and seek to taint the world of order. This is the unified religion of the Red Duchy and churches for each deity can be found within the Duchy’s walls.

    The major patrons of this faith are as follows:

    Lady of Fortune:
    The Lady of Fortune presides over good luck and the wellbeing of people. She is neither malicious nor kind, and is in fact the balance of who is more fortunate than others. She’s considered to be a deity of peace and harmony through the price of death and passiveness.

    Lady of Fate:
    The Lady of Fate presides over everything that happens within the world. She is the good force that drives people to do good things and accept their fates for the greater good of those around them. She’s considered to be harmonious and self sacrificial, putting people above her. Those who follow her do the same in common practice.

    Fate Breaker:
    The Fate Breaker is the evil in the world and is the one that breaks those away from their rightful duties of fate’s binds. He breaks bonds only to put new ones on people and is considered to be a malicious puppeteer. He’s openly malicious and is the driving force of evil in the world.

    Void Bringer:
    The Void Bringer is the end to all things and the maw of darkness that consumes everything. It’s considered to be the end of the world and the openness of the void. Shadows and Voidlings are its creations and are signs of death and emptiness. It's not necessarily evil but its presence as the end to all things makes it an eery one.

    Social System:

    The classes within the Red Duchy is divided into three sections; working, upper, and royals. The working class live on the lowest level of the Red Duchy in fairly nice apartments. They work as merchants, sailors, and fisherman bringing in the wealth of the Red Duchy. The upper class live on the second level, consisting of extravagant houses and manors. They are well educated and live posh lives, never really questioning their rulers. The royals consist of the Duchy’s Red family, the Shade family, and the Lockwoods. They are the rulers of the Red Duchy and live in the large manor and castle on the top level of the Red Duchy.

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