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    Slime: The Mysterious Creatures

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    Slime: The Mysterious Creatures Empty Slime: The Mysterious Creatures

    Post by Lost Caravan on Sun Mar 06, 2016 3:55 pm

    Slime Encyclopedia Volume One
    Slime Characteristics and Biology

    Chapter One:
    Slime Basics:

    To begin, slimes come in various shapes and sizes. They can be found within swamps, forests, plains, mountains, beaches, and the list goes on. They are by far one of the most adaptable species of creatures throughout the lands, though, notably one of the hardest to find. Due to a secluded livelihood and skittish nature, they’re rarely found outside of their nests and what is known as slime colonies. Due to this, there are a few registered and mapped out slime nests and colonies though it is estimated there are countless more that haven’t been found by many.

    Most slimes tend to be herbivores with a select few being carnivores. To go on further, there are a few slimes that only consume water and other such liquids and others consume raw minerals and clay to sustain their basic functions. The nature of slime consumption will be expanded upon within each slime’s specific biography.

    Slime Biology:

    A slime’s body has three layers of skin surrounding their innards and what is known as the slime core. The first layer is the goopy, sticky, and sometimes malleable layer we see from a slime. This layer is what gives a slime its color and their natural shapes as blobs. This layer is mostly for camouflage and for defense mechanisms.

    The second layer is a thin but strong wall that keeps the slime’s core and innards safe and protected from outside forces. This layer is naturally invisible and is shockingly reshapable by slimes. A slime is capable of hallowing are portions of its body and still keeping the wall around the hollowed portion. This part of the slime’s body is very strange and there is still not much known about it. Regardless of this, this part of the slime’s body is where its mouth is located in which the slime can grab, tear, and then consume items.

    The last layer of the slime is a mass of gelatinous substances and small organs that surround the slime’s core. The slime’s core is considered to be the slime’s brain and heart. Without this core, the slime will fall apart and die and the core itself will quickly deteriorate. This part of the body is where food is digested and energy is created with the use of the small organs found within this layer. How a slime actually consumes food with these rather unorthodoxly small organs is still a mystery though these small organs are capable of digesting foods at a ridiculously quick rate.

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