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    Aconite - Shifter's Bane [WIP]


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    Aconite - Shifter's Bane [WIP] Empty Aconite - Shifter's Bane [WIP]

    Post by Cat on Thu Jan 07, 2016 7:51 pm

    The Shifter's Bane

    Aconite - Shifter's Bane [WIP] Aconi007-l
    Queen of All Poisons

    Aconite is a rare plant growing among the rocky meadows at the foothills of mountains in both Cronane and Lasmaira. Though the foothills of Cronane are often scoured and have harvested the plants for their special properties, it is more often found in Lasmaira. This plant is mostly known for its poisonous properties, and it's ability to kill quite easily. Aconite is banned in some regions for these very reasons.


    The plant is a hardy perennial, with a fleshy, spindle-shaped root, pale colored when young, but subsequently acquiring a dark brown skin. The stem is about 3 feet high, with dark green, glossy leaves, deeply divided in palmate manner and flowers in erect clusters of a dark blue color. The shape of the flower is specially designed to attract and utilize bee visitors, especially the humble bee. The sepals are purple - purple being specially attractive to bees - and are fancifully shaped, one of them being in the form of a hood. The petals are only represented by the two very curious nectaries within the hood, somewhat in the form of a hammer; the stamens are numerous and lie depressed in a bunch at the mouth of the flower. They are pendulous at first, but rise in succession and place their anthers forward in such a way that a bee visiting the flower for nectar is dusted with the pollen, which he then carries to the next flower he visits and thereby fertilizes the undeveloped fruits, which are in a tuft in the center of the stamens, each carpel containing a single seed.



    Signs and Symptoms of Aconite Poisoning

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